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Finnish Police and Government Layers committing provable Crimes Against Humanity

Seven years long reporting to foreign agencies may have finally paid off. Top Finnish Police Force Commissioners and Government Layers caught to MI and C.I.A. based on gathered intelligence material.

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Native Soverneighty and Prospects For Revolution in America

Splitting the Sky and Craig Rosebraugh will be speaking at UCSC on Native Sovereignty, Reevaluationg the Anti-War Movement, and Prospects for Revolution n America.

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Prime Suspect

As the Santa Cruz police hint they may be close to making an arrest of a suspect in the April 1st City Hall arson fire, it looks more and more as if they are out to blame their favorite suspect, a black, homeless, Vietnam veteran who they have no evidence was involved with the arson fires at all, but who they would very much like to lock up anyway.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Police State

CPR Pesticide Drift Report Release - Wednesday!

A news conference for the Pesticide Drift Report Release will take place on Wednesday at 10 AM in Watsonville at the end of Fremont St., beside Pajaro Middle School.

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News :: Police State

Mumia’s Life Is Not Safe!

Racist Governor Ed Randell Promises The Execution Of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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