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Counter-Recruitment Demonstrators Attacked With Tasers, Dogs

8/21/2005: In Oakland (PA) in front of the Army Recruiting Center on Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh Police and University of Pittsburgh Police fired tasers and other weapons at the crowd.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Witness an Appeal hearing of a Camping Violation (8/24)

Not a cause celebre, but absolutely penniless I've a ppealed a conviction of a camping violation that carries a $230 fine. Although the university was not timely in filing their "proposed statement on appeal... the plot thickens, and I know I'll need witnesses for this.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Police State

This Wed (24th) 9/11 Event - "TO PREVENT THE NEXT 9/11"

Two of the most renowned researchers into the crimes of 9/11/01 will speak on the ongoing perils that face people of the United States and world due to this nation's secret government and then discuss how we can resist a 'New World Order' through cooperative solutions.

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News :: Police State

Helsinki World Games are over – murder attempt by the police

For yet not known reason has Vantaa Police Force in Finland tried to contact Finnish Millionaire Åke Tyvi (age 37) by using lethal force by disguising their approaching attempt as closing by pulling guns for police protection.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Police State

Nigerian Regime Comes Around Full Circle (corrected)

In 1979, General Obasanjo was removed from office, marking the beginning of Nigeria's 2nd Republic. After several regime changes, he returned to power and by now has worn out his welcome. There is special significance in the mention of Jimmy Carter in this recent editorial calling for Obajsanjo's resignation: relating to help he may have received by way of an unexpected source: Edwin Wilson

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