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Students Hold Vigils Seeking Justice for WWII Veteranos

vet 7.JPG
On Thursday, October 20, the Filipino Student Association (FSA) at UC Santa Cruz held a vigil to honor Filipino Veteranos from World War II by fighting for the benefits that they deserve.

Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos served under the United States in World War II, many of them receiving prestigious medals. While promised benefits by U.S. President Roosevelt, the U.S. Government refuses to acknowledge their contributions. Many of these Veteranos have since died, but an estimated 7,000 live in the U.S. and over 30,000 in the Philippines.

Thursday's vigil was part of a national day of awareness sponsored by Student Action for Veterans Equity (SAVE). The day was "part of an ongoing campaign to 'paint the nation brown', stressing the awareness of the Brown Ribbon Campaign; an education and action campaign dedicated to the fight for Full Equity only and nothing less, through the passages of H.R. 302 and S. 146"

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Rally, Queer Kiss-in Greet Military Recruiters at UCSC

On October 18th, hundreds of students marched and rallied at UC Santa Cruz to protest the presence of military recruiters at the campus career fair.

A Queer Kiss-in was staged in front of recruiters' tables during the march and rally. From inside the fair, kissers were able to effectively block access to military recruiters without shutting down the entire career fair.

The military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" hiring practices are in violation of the UC system's non-discrimination policy. Protesters demanded that the UC adhere to its own policies by protecting all students from discrimination and securing UCSC as a hate-free zone.

Currently, the Solomon Amendment states that any university which denies military recruiters "equal access" to students will lose federal funding. The Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR) is challenging the constitutionality of the Solomon amendment in a Supreme Court case, FAIR v Rumsfeld, which will be heard in December. Protesters on Tuesday urged the University of California to become the thirty-ninth school in the country to join FAIR.

SAW Press Release: Students Greet Military with Rally and Queer Kiss-In

Audio: FRSC: Military Off UCSC - March & Rally Radio Coverage || FSRN: UC Students Against War

Photos: UCSC shuts down recruiters || Recruiters Shut Down at UCSC, Rally Photos || Military Recruiting Protested During UCSC's Career Fair || Photos of the Queer Kiss-In Against Military Recruitment at UCSC || Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War || Oct. 18 Counter-Recruitment Events - Photos by Bob Fitch || Photos from Oct. 18 SAW Rally

blog coverage: Evan Branigan’s Blog

protest announcement: Military Off UCSC - March & Rally Tuesday!

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Military Off UCSC - March & Rally Tuesday!

Bring 5 friends and show up at 10am, Baytree Plaza

On Tuesday, multiple branches of the u.s. military will be recruiting at UCSC for the first time this year. In April - the last time the military was here - recruiters were kicked off campus by hundreds of students. On Tuesday, students will be holding a large march and rally to re-affirm that UCSC is a campus opposed to discrimination, opposed to war, and opposed to recruiters' lies.

While our Career Center requires that all groups coming to our job fairs affirm that they are Equal Opportunity Employers, the military is the ONLY institution that is granted an exception. Through the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, queers are officially banned from any position. This is in addition to the military's official ban on women serving combat positions.

see also: Military Recruiters Shut Down in San Diego: Protests Planned in Santa Cruz || UC Santa Cruz Students to March Against Discriminatory Military Recruitment

April 5, 2005: UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus

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Resistance to War Spreads to Small Town America

Regular Wednesday Protest in Felton

Wednesday afternoon, anti-war protests spread to the small town of Felton, a Santa Cruz County town of 1500. Protesters promised to hold their vigil every Wednesday afternoon until the end of the war.

The protesters meet at the corner of Highway 9 and Graham Hill Road. They held signs and lit candles. Some signs read "Ask the President What He Plans To Do About the War" and "Email the President and Tell Hium to Meet With Cindy."

More than a dozen protesters greeted the afternoon stream of commuters returning to the San Lorenzo Valley. Many commuters honked and yelled in support of the protest.

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"We hope you will give it your serious attention, and we look forward to your reply."

On September 27th, the Santa Cruz City Council voted, UNANIMOUSLY, to resubmit a letter to the House Judiciary Committee of the United Sates Congress calling for the investigation and possible impeachment of all the members of the Bush Administration who have had anything to do with the war in Iraq, the "war on terror," and/or the treatment of the prisoners of those wars.

The original letter (.pdf) was sent on September 10th of 2003, but NO ANSWER was ever received! The HJC blew off both the Council and this Community!! In a moment of levity that got many laughs, Council Member Tim Fitzmaurice suggested that, this time, they send the letter "certified, return receipt required" and he would donate the money to do so!

Though the action in 2003 was reported world wide, what was not reported was the fact that in the 10 DAYS! following that vote, the council phone lines were jammed all day with calls from all over the country, from folks thanking and congratulating them for standing up and speaking out!! And that was two years ago!

The new cover letter, explaining why the Council is resubmitting their original letter, is copied below. Clearly, the evidence supporting the original concerns of this community has increased vastly in these last two years!! And in a recent poll taken after the release of the Downing Street Memos in May, over 47% of the people polled said they thought Bush should be impeached if he had lied about the reasons for invading Iraq.

see also: 478 Mayors in CA get appeal to call for the CA National Guard to Come Home Now!!!

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Advice From An Old Man


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Photos: "Just Us" Action Against SCPD Spying

jzh011006_1.JPG01/10/06 - Around 100 Santa Cruzans showed up at the City Council today to demand a denouncement and investigation into the Santa Cruz Police Department's infiltration of a local group's organizing meetings.

Far from being limited to the individuals that were spied on, protesters included former mayors, the ACLU, artists, peaceniks, high school students, UCSC Students Against War members that were recently spied on by the Pentagon, and a local man who fled fascist Czechoslovakia.

From the "Just Us" Campaign and Rally announcement:

"The Santa Cruz Police Department was discovered infiltrating and conducting undercover surveillance of two of the meetings of the organizers of the Last Night DIY Parade, which was a totally peaceful, positive, and creative event in downtown Santa Cruz on New Years Eve!!...

"This event was organized by 'just us' - 'just us' the people who live here, work here, and try to create positive and peaceful change - if this group can be spied on, so can any of the rest of our groups."

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Peace & War

Beyond Treason Film Screening 1/17/06 @ Vets Hall


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Impeach the Liar-in-Chief


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Announcement :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

“A Call to Conscience for the U.S. Congress?

January 16 to March 20, 2006

MLK Day until the Third Commemoration of the Iraq War

A campaign of nonviolent action to compel our elected representatives in Congress to meet the demands of justice and peace:

End the War in Iraq! Not Another Death - Not Another Dollar!

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