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Announcement :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

ORANGE FRIDAY: 24 Hours to Resist the Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan

ORANGE FRIDAY is a day of learning, a day of reflection, a day of resistance. For twenty-four hours we skip class, we skip work, we leave our cars at home, we buy nothing, we fast. For one day we set our lives aside to examine and understand this occupation; professors hand over their podiums to discussion about peace and justice; teach-ins spring up across our communities; businesses close their doors; our cities shut down.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Hiroshima and Nagasaki--Symbolic Bombs, Authentic Deaths

by greenleft

It was not necessary to drop atomic bombs. That is a 60 year old lie--we did it to prevent millions of American casualties--LIES for more than half a century.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Defense of America Rooted in Lies

Two wars based on 9-11 are based on fraud.

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News :: Peace & War

Freedom of speech being attacked in San Anselmo

What do you do if you don't like the truth and you have the political power to stop it?

You change the rules.

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LOCAL Interview :: Peace & War

FRSC: Interview with Kristen Ess of Palestine News Network

Phone Interview with Kristen Ess Editor of PNN in Occupied Palestine on reciving License from P.A. , The Gaza Pullout, Westbank Apartied Wall Construction/Destruction.

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