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Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

A critical mass bike ride of about 15 cyclists made its way through downtown santa cruz on the last friday of february before heading east to the branciforte overpass for a spontaneous bicycle hanging over highway one. about ten cycles, including a tandem, hung themselves on the fence as a silent suggestion to the autobots that they change their destructive ways.

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January's Critical Mass Bike Ride

Critical Mass is not an organization, it's an unorganized coincidence. It's a movement... of bicycles, in the streets.

The Critical Massers in Santa Cruz meet up at about 5:30 at the Town Clock the last Friday of every month.

In January, bikepower put out the following call for revolutions in the streets, "Come on the Critical Mass monthly bike ride! reclaim your street and your city from the automorphs, its time for a party ride!"

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Sentinel Coast Hotel editorial deconstructed

The snowjob is in full swing as the business types who see their pockets lined with $30 million dollars of indebtedness to the public, line up to sing the praises of the mammoth Coast Hotel Project and to dangle carrots in front of citizens who responsibly want City government to have a sufficient revenue stream. This dog and pony show glosses over real concerns that the Sentinel would rather the public not spend much time thinking about. This Sentinel editorial leaves out a lot of these concerns. I have appended them to the front of the editoral from Sunday's paper.

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Counter-inauguration protest wrap

Self contained summary of events at the Santa Cruz counter-inauguration rally. 3:45

note: the word shit is used in the story...

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Something for Nothing

With the City ready to charge $30 million on the taxpayers credit card, local writer and 25 year resident, Becky Johnson, questions whether the project will benefit the City or provide the badly needed revenue the Redelopment Agency claims it will. She gave a shorter version of this speech to the City Council during the public hearings on the Coast Hotel Project on January 18, 2005 on behalf of HUFF.

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