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"Put People First!" S.C. Protest Against California Budget Cuts

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released plans May 13, for a $103 billion state budget. The governor says his proposal will solve the state's financial crunch without raising taxes. Though scaled back slightly from an earlier plan, the proposal sees massive borrowing, & cuts in education, welfare and public health spending, as a solution to the state's woes. This translates into less money for California cities and county's, meaning pink slips for many essential service providers.On Tuesday, a coalition of seniors, mental health clients, labor & religious leaders and affected workers rallied at the Santa Cruz County Government Center urging the Board of Supervisors to "Put People First," in their upcoming budget hearings. Vinny Lombardo reports...... 2:44
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The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience

Article by the author of The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience, first published on CommonDreams and in Australia's largest newspapers.
The American people didn't know its troops abused prisoners in Iraqi jails. Ignorance. Officials who knew pretend they didn't know. Hypocrisy. The parents of soldiers say their kids were forced to follow orders. Obedience. Read on...

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Reclaim the Commons PSA

Come to San Francisco June 3rd - 9th Dazzle the forces of corporate globalization with streets full of resistance and vision! While the biotechnology industry and its lobbyists meet in San Francisco and the G8 meets in Georgia, join us in San Francisco for a mass mobilization that says NO to corporate profiteering and destruction and YES to the world we want.

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In Home Services/Human Services Slated For Cuts

In Home service workers and families appealed to the Board of Supervisors to find some way to counter the governor's proposed cuts to the program. This program is funded by the federal, state, and county governments and the workers currently receive $9.50 per hour. The governor is attempting to adjust the state's contribution to minimum wage level.

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First Aid Training for the Street Activist 5/31

The Bay Area Radical Health Collective presents a day-long first aid training for activists.

Monday, May 31
10:00am to 5:00PM
St. Boniface Church in San Francisco

SANTA CRUZIANS interested in attending the training: please contact beemedic2002 (at) to arrange carpooling.

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