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First Aid for Activists Training

First Aid for Activists Training to be held in Oakland on August 17th, 10am to 5pm. Sponsored by Bay Area Radical Health Collective.

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This Wednesday Hiroshima Day Die-In at SC Town clock

Santa Cruz Nuclear Abolition Committee gathering with all who are moved at 5pm at Collateral Damage Statue (Santa Cruz downtown clock) for Die-In for Hiroshinma Day

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Fire Burning Near Moss Landing Plant

A fire is burning near the power plant at Moss Landing. The fire broke out behind the Duke Energy near Highway 1 at about 4 p.m. A 6 million-gallon storage tank used for diesel reportedly exploded.

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Take Back Your Time Day - October 24 - exactly 9 weeks before New Year, 9 weeks being the average extra amount of time Americans work each year compared to Europeans. 70 years since the bill for a 30 hour week was introduced in Congress.

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Kucinich Gets Strong Support in July 4 Parade

Aptos July 4 Parade - Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate - groundswell of local support following his recent Bay Area events.

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