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Local Collection of Goods to Help Katrina Victims???


Does anyone know if there is a place to bring food, clothing and shelter (tents, blankets, sleeping bags, etc...) here in Santa Cruz to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina?

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Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Lo. USA

Floods in New Orleans threaten more lives whilst rescue services appear unable to cope and hospitals and evacuation centers are facing isolation and power outages.

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WAMMFest III on September 10th

Santa Cruz's ONLY Hemp and Music Festival
Join us Sept. 9th. for the legendary Paul Krassner
and Sept. 10th for WAMMFest III.

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New Marijuana Club Goes Before Planning Commission, City Council

The upcoming Greenway club application by Lisa Molyneux will be going to the Planning Commission at 7 PM Thursday July 21st at City Hall.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Health & Drugs : Police State

Rockin' the Boat: Prescription Pot Backers Rally in Santa Cruz

Medical marijuana advocates rallied in Santa Cruz, California Saturday, to protest last month's Supreme Court decision allowing DEA raids to continue on patients and caregivers who use pot to alleviate suffering. Vinny Lombardo reports.

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