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Obituary - David Riebandt

The unexplained passing of Monterey Bay local, David Riebandt - a general announcement.

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City Bureaucrats Shut Down Only Medical Marijuana Club Under Rotkin's Law

Just hours after a favorable article about Santa Cruz's new medical marijuana co-op, the Pacific Coast Cooperative, saw print in the Good Times, city bureaucrats moved to close down the City's only open medical marijuana club.

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Finland - Few days ago Finns flew a group of Georgian women back to their homeland after these tourists did not have enough money to spend in Finland.

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Out of the Closet, How to Grow Your Own

Out of the Closet
How to Grow Your Own

For Entertainment Purposes Only (duh)

The month of February saw 5 new victims of the drug war in Santa Cruz, young and greedy pot enthusiasts who crowded a few too many medical marijuana licenses in one house. They would have been fine; they had way less than the legal limit. What busted them was the proliferation of cash and scales. The Sentinel reported that law enforcement throughout California are now trying to "weed out" those exploiting medical marijuana for "dealing" instead of "healing."

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HIV Resource Drop In Center Dealt Another Blow

Wednesday, March 23, 2005—Santa Cruz, California…. The Santa Cruz AIDS Project’s (SCAP) HIV Resource Drop In Center (HIV-DIC) has been a topic of much discussion as of late. In the midst of repair from the December 2004 fire that drastically slowed down center programming, HIV Resource Drop In Center staff reported two acts of property damage last week. In addition to the smoke and water damage, the building owner and occupants must now deal with graffiti and a broken window. Susan Pratte, SCAP’s Harm Reduction Program Coordinator and HIV-DIC point person, is not deterred. “We are taking quick steps to deal with this small set back.“

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