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A Family in Baghdad

the mother and sons keep a web log on
The notions of religion are different from those of society. The Islamic Religion is much more fair to women, than the back-wards notions of society.
A lot of injustice was heaped upon women in our Islamic world, and usually religion is the accused, but I do not see it as the real reason.

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David Rovics Concert

David Rovics with a puppet show and Dennis Kyne opening will be playing at the Centro Aztlan, February 11, 2005, 7-9pm, 520 S 2nd St., San Jose, CA

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Respect All Families

At the center of the controversy were upside down pink triangles posted inside of classrooms.

A pink triangle was worn by prisoners in Nazi Germany whose only "crime" was being born homosexual. It has been adopted by the GLBTI movement both in memory of oppression in the past and as a symbol of hope for a better present and future.

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Community Comes Together To Support Through Differences

On February 7th, there was a School Borad Meeting at Scotts Valley High School in response to complaints made by Don D'Andrea, a parent of a SVHS student. D'Andrea feels that posters inside of classrooms with sayings such as, "Safe Person, Safe Safe" and "Respect All Families" are discriminatory towards heterosexual students.

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Freak Radio: Station Id mixes

A Collection of Station Ids for Freak Radio Santa Cruz 101fm (stereo) or streaming at Sailing into 10 years of UNLICENSED Collectively run Community Radio 24 hours a day.

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