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Free Skool Santa Cruz Winter Quarter Begins

Free Skool’s biggest quarter yet: 38 different classes taught by more than three dozen teachers offering a decentralized educational network outside the system (and still $20 thousand less than UCSC)

Santa Cruz, CA, November 1st, 2005: Winter quarter is just starting. But you won’t need any student id, add/drop forms, or registration fees. There are no classrooms, professors, or administration, just people sharing what they know. This is Free Skool Santa Cruz. And the first thing you will learn is that we are all students and we are all teachers.

Free Skool summer quarter runs November 1st to January 31st and offers a variety of classes in homes, community centers, and open spaces all over Santa Cruz. In Free Skool Santa Cruz’ third quarter, classes include knitting, jazz history, Spanish, drawing, beer-making, singing, Indonesian monkey chant, oriental medicine, local history, bike and automobile repair, political history, and much more.

[ Free Skool Santa Cruz ]

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Halloween Critical Massers Ride the Streets of Santa Cruz

Critical Mass bike rides are unorganized coincidences taking place in many small and large communities throughout the world, usually on the last Friday of the month. Critical Mass in October is especially fun because it is a Hallowen Ride where people dress and act in a freakish fashion.

On October 28, about 50 cyclists took to the streets of Santa Cruz for this year's Halloween Critical Mass at around 5:30pm. The Critical Mass has been growing in the last few months and this mass would have been larger if there was not a confusion (see: "unorganized coincidence") about what time people were meeting at and leaving from the clock tower. Still, numerous riders were able to find the mass in streets and join in the fun!

see also: Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride

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Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival at the Guerilla Ride-In

Still We Ride and the Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival

A special GDI event THIS Friday. We have the honor of co-hosting the Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival with People Power. The lack of easy and convenient public transportation this month is sending you a clear message: Get on your bike. Become part of bike culture and join us for this special event.

The Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival will show several bicycling films, including animated shorts, documentaries on bike messenger culture, and short films about the simple joy of riding a bike. The featured film, Still We Ride, is a newly-released documentary about Critical Mass, from its formation in San Francisco over 10 years ago to the mass arrests of cyclists in New York in August 2004. Currently the film is on a international tour to bring awareness to the New York Critical Mass cause.

PLUS thrilling and funny short films, an intermission, great company, and a rollicking bike ride after the movie.

Friday October 21st, 8:00pm
Railroad Tracks at Fair Ave, Santa Cruz

see also: Critical Mass is Thirteen: The Culture War is Older (and far from over)

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DIY Guide to Santa Cruz

An Incomplete List of Independent Local Projects

Meaningful projects begin with people who are motivated to put into action their desires for the kind of world in which they want to live. The more we create our own projects that are apart from and in some cases pose a direct challenge to the dominant institutions, the more vital and meaningful our world(s) will be for us. Here is a short list of some of these kinds of projects in Santa Cruz.

[ Anarchist Library || The Bike Church || Food Not Bombs || Free Radio Santa Cruz || Free Skool Santa Cruz || Guerilla Drive-In || Santa Cruz Indymedia ]

Of course there is much more going on around town than this short list encompasses. Keep your eyes and ears open; talk to others (word of mouth is the best way to learn about what's going-on) and look for flyers around town (a great DIY way to spread-the-word). Also, if you discover that there is that vital something not happening here, then do-it-yourself and spread-the-word (collaborate with allies with similar passions). Let's joyfully tear down the world around us and create something wonderful in its place.


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Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

Santa Cruz, CA, October 7th, 2005: A Red Cross advertisement on Santa Cruz County's only remaining billboard, the "whale billboard" along Highway 17, was modified today by the Billboard Liberation Front who struck in the name of truth-in-advertising.

Where before the billboard exhorted people to give to the Red Cross, the added text reads "'cuz the government ain't doing squat."

This became painfully clear in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It was revealed that not only had the Bush administration pulled funding for levy repair in New Orleans to fund the war in Iraq, but left National Guard troops unavailable in the wake of the disaster. The largely poor and black sections of the city were left without food, water, or relief. Critics of the government’s response to the disaster, pointed out that government response to the disaster was inadequate at best, and In many cases made a bad situation worse.

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Review :: Arts & Culture

Fela Kuti Radio Show


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Sixith Annual Bicycle Film Festival - Call for Entries

The Bicycle Film Festival is seeking submissions for its sixth annual Festival. The event will feature dozens of different films on a variety of bicycle styles - from BMX to urban bike culture, cycling to commuting.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Resistance & Tactics

CONTROL ROOM at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In (1/13)

A glimpse into the controversial and often dangerous operations of the 7-year-old Arab-language Al Jazeera news network, offers us a fierce yet often surprisingly friendly debate about the clashing ways in which the U.S. invasion and takeover of Iraq have been portrayed by American and Arab journalists.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Peace & War

Beyond Treason Film Screening 1/17/06 @ Vets Hall


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LOCAL Interview :: Arts & Culture

FRSC: Chris Hannah of Propagandhi

John Malkin Interviews Chris Hannah of Propagandhi
on location at their Vet's Hall performance on 11-30-05 Downtown Santa Cruz

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