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RUBEN AND ED at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Friday 14 Oct 8pm

A cult classic shows up at Guerilla Drive-In. Crispin Glover, a strange comedy, dramatic views of Green River, Utah, great company, what more could you ask for on a Friday night?

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Local Public Radio Show featured on Yahoo! Podcast

Six months ago, KZSC's "The Sound of Young America" was the first public radio show West of the Mississippi to podcast. Today, it is the first public radio podcast to be selected as a staff pick in Yahoo! Inc.'s new podcasting portal, The program was one of only four podcasts worldwide to be so selected.

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Common Ground audio history by Malik Rahim and Scott Crow

this is a really excellent talk given by the founders of common ground in new orleans...

The project here is truly showing the potential of a grassroots collective to effect major change and there is real hope that this and other progressive projects can be a powerful force in NO against gentrification and for positive changes on so many fronts.

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DIY Guide to Santa Cruz


Meaningful projects begin with people who are motivated to put into action their desires for the kind of world in which they want to live. The more we create our own projects that are apart from and in some cases pose a direct challenge to the dominant institutions, the more vital and meaningful our world(s) will be for us. Here is a short list of some of these kinds of projects in Santa Cruz.

[ Anarchist Library || The Bike Church || Food Not Bombs || Free Radio Santa Cruz || Free Skool Santa Cruz || Guerilla Drive-In || Santa Cruz Indymedia ]

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Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

The Billboard Liberation Front struck a prominent Highway 17 billboard today, correcting a Red Cross advertisement to reflect what became painfully apparent in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

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