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Iran Provides Explanation for Unnerving Blast

Amid speculation about whether Iran's nuclear program is soley for peaceful uses, a blast was heard from the the general area of Iran's recently completed nuclear power plant. A plane was seen flying over the area at the time, and early reports said a missle had been fired.
Iran's most recent explanation is that an empty fuel tank may have fallen from the plane.

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Unveiling the Weapon of the Masses

This is a must read and share for anoyone interested in using their power of intention in the service of humanity.

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Palomar microwave tower approval meeting rescheduled

The Santa Cruz City Council has rescheduled the meeting Re: granting a permit for the continued operation illegal microwave towers on the Palomar inn to Feb 22nd at 7pm

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Missing Portable CD Player! Please help!

I lost my portable CD player. I really want it back. Have you seen it?

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Counter-inauguration protest wrap

Self contained summary of events at the Santa Cruz counter-inauguration rally. 3:45

note: the word shit is used in the story...

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