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BIODEMOCRACY 2005: Reclaim the Commons!

Call to Action: Converge in Philadelphia, June 18th to 21st, 2005

CALLING ON ALL PEOPLE who resent the demise of democracy and hold to the promise of authentic popular empowerment! All who dare to paint poems of resistance on walls of oppression, dance in city streets in defiance of police states, and plant seeds of sedition in the shadows of Empire: come to Philadelphia! As the world's leading agents of eco-devastation and medical malpractice meet here in June, we cannot stand quiet. Join us to challenge the corporate crime, poisons for profit, and flagrant lies of the biotechnology industry, at the time of their annual international convention, with a creative uprising for truth, life and justice!

RECLAIM THE COMMONS! We recall a custom much older than two-party Republics, in which croplands, grazing land and forests were a public domain that benefited the whole community and belonged exclusively to no one. In today's global society, our commons encompass the biological strata that sustain life on earth --- air, water, food, medicine, energy, biodiversity -- plus the means of communication, education and transit that connect us culturally. Today, to a degree unprecedented in human history, corporations have seized this public wealth and privatized it to reap growing profits for a small and ever-shrinking elite. As public access to and control over the commons has eroded, so has true democracy. For democracy to thrive, for racial, economic, social and environmental justice to take deep root, and for sustainability to flourish ... we must reclaim our commons!

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Freedom from the Oil Pirates

Review of Sustainable Technologies for Renewable Energy, Eliminating Waste, Recycling and for Real economic Progress.

Many Links to sustainable technology, Recycling, organic gardening-farming, renewable energy, Permaculture and disaster relief web sites.

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Interview :: Technology

BYU Prof's WTC Demolition Theories on MSNBC's Tucker Carlson - 9/11 Truth Hits Mainstream

Unfortunately it appeared the Professor had never had such an interview before and was not prepared for the short time of the interview (5 min) or the fact that they wouldn't run the video he sent of the WTC collapse, or the types of questions being asked (i.e., don't you think this will be offensive to people to say that Muslims aren't to blame?). Nonetheless, he DID get some key points out there and has a great deal of courage and we should all thank him. Links at the bottom.

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News :: Technology

Is Lycos RagingBull, Waltham,Ma. profiting from penny stock scams,money laundering ?

Lycos began as a search engine at Carnegie Mellon and paradoxically its that provides message boards that censor or delete critics or defrauded investors from posting and allow known penny stock frauds to continue and insiders to the scams to promote known penny stocks frauds is itself like a dark alley of the internet where search engines don't go.

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Bhopal Revealed as World's Largest Insurance Fire

"Former Union Carbide project engineer Umesh Nanda told the court that at the time of the disaster the management was planning to dismantle the plant, which was running huge losses."

reported by AFP


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News :: Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Technology : Transportation

Schwarzenegger Ignores Bush's Denial of Global Warming

"... the debate is over. We know the science and we see the threat. Most of all, I say that we know the time for action is now. Global warming, and the pollution and burning of fossil fuels that cause it, are threats we see here in California and everywhere around the world. "

Arnold Schwarzenegger in
New Perspectives Quarterly

Yes Arnold, and greed for fossil fuel profiteering has pitted the Bush administration against the leaders of the Arab world for the past 5 years.

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