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Woman Shaman

Max Dashu has created thousands of slides of womens history which cover many aspects of how women influenced ancient and modern culture.

She has unearthed womens history which is often obscured by global patriarchy.

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Dance Brigade at the Rio Theater

DanceBrigade_048.jpgThe Dance Brigade performed at the Rio Theater on Monday, Jan 24th, along with talks by Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez, Todd Landis, and Martin Smith.

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News :: Womyn

Women's safety and well-being at risk during natrual disasters

Men batter and rape women and girls during and after natural disasters

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Commentary :: Womyn

Vaginas in Mythology, Art, and History

Much as breasts have become a market commodity, vaginas have suffered a similar fate. Girls, women, boys, and men, are given little to no empowering imagery, mythology or language within American culture, regarding vaginas and female genitals. The most common thing kids and adults hear about female genitals is they supposedly stink like rotten tuna fish, or leave trails like slugs. Additionally, those jokes about tuna and slugs are bantered about lightly by males and females alike. Women are taught their genitals are gross in American culture, yet we also know they are an economic commodity, which is confusing.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Womyn

Women and Their Illegal Breasts

I have figured out that the reason women cannot *wear* their breasts, is so corporations can have the monopoly on breasts and can *sell* them back to us. And although pushing for a woman’s right to not wear a top in public like men, as gender equality, is logical, it is still not functional in real life in America yet. Even in towns where we changed laws so women have a right to wear their own breasts, such as in Santa Cruz, Ca., the plan has failed in many practical ways. Men still strut around topless, allowed ownership of their bodies, while women’s breasts remain a corporate and male commodity that women, themselves, had better not interfere with. “Alternative? events that proclaim to respect women and their bodies still harbor lecherous men when we take our tops off. So far, the *only* safe environments I have found to be topless in are *women-only* spaces.

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