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A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words - Shackles - Womankind Enchained -

Early 2004 I became aware of a few alarming reports about the existence of a highly active slave trade within and around Iran. I began researching the issue and soon found out that not only the barbaric and tragic problem of human trafficking and slavery exists in Iran, but that the criminal mullah’s regime profits on the sacrifice of defenseless young Iranian women and men. Based on my research, and also on the testimony of a few survivors of this heinous practice, I wrote a screenplay for a feature film entitled: - Shackles - Womankind Enchained - with the objective of shocking the world while shaming and exposing the bastards involved in this savage practice.

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Winning the Vote - Triumph of the American Women Suffrage Movement Thursday Dec 1, 6:30pm

WINNING THE VOTE – Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement, a photo & word documentary book by Santa Cruz historian Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr., will be premiered and honored by eight local women’s and community groups on Thursday Dec. 1st, 6:30pm at the First Congregational Church fellowship hall, 900 High St., Santa Cruz. Cynthia Mathews, Santa Cruz City Mayor, sister Sara Wood Smith and their father Kirk Smith are related to Sara Bard Field a prominent woman suffragist featured in the book.

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Behind the veil and beyond the hijab

By simplistic Western standards, Muslim women come with two labels: "subjugated" and "quasi-subjugated"

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Film showing of "Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience" 10/2/05 @ RCNV

Come to a film showing of "Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience" at the Resource Center for Nonviolence at 7PM on Sunday October 2nd. $5-20 suggested donation to benefit the International Solidarity Movement (no one turned away for lack of funds).

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Texas set to execute African American Womyn


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