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Power, Politics, and Social Change: A New Web Site

Hoping someone out there might be interested in my new Web site on power, politics, and social change. It includes documents on national and local power structures as well as an updated photo essay on the Bohemian Grove and suggestions on new directions for progressive social change.

Who Rules America: Power, Politics, and Social Change is a Web site with many different aspects, created with the hope that everyone will be able to find something of use to them. It is based on social science research, mostly in sociology, but it can be applied in activism, media endeavors, or teaching.

[ ]

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News :: Environment & Food : Poverty & Urban Development

Cry From New Orleans: "People are Dying in the Streets!"

Saturday: Over 10,000 Feared Dead

Reports are pouring in about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast this week; residents of the decimated and submerged City of New Orleans have been severely affected. An estimated 25,000 people have filled the New Orlean's Superdome where they are packed together in exhausting heat without working toilets or clean running water. Because a rescue worker was reportedly shot, evacuations were stopped on Wednesday. Despite the fact that people are dying in the streets, rescue workers were diverted from their work of humanitarian assistance to protecting buildings from looting, according to reports.

Breaking News: New Orleans IMC, Houston IMC and

Audio: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin || Malik Rahim, former BPP memer, in New Orleans

More: Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans || 1,200 People Stranded in Hospital || Hurricane Katrina Causes Unfathomable Damage in Southeastern US || Call to Action || Private Property Over People

[ BBC Reports on the Disaster in New Orleans || New Orleans Makes Desperate 'SOS' For Relief || Links to video of New Orelans residents || Treatment of Victims Corresponds to Gov't Feelings About Poor, People of Color || Toxic New Orleans: 'The Worst Ever' || Why Aren't The National Guard There? || Liberal Blogger's Hurricane Relief || Network for Good || National Housing Drive ]

More Hurricane Coverage On Indybay's Poverty Page

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News :: Police State : Poverty & Urban Development

City Council Unanimously Passes First Reading of “NO PARTY? Ordinance

Thinking of having a little shindig for your next birthday? Want to have a party to celebrate your promotion at work? How about getting together and having dinner with a few friends out on your patio? Well, you better think again because any one of those activities could land you a hefty fine, a certified letter to your landlord and, if you’re under 21, another certified letter to your parents. Plus, you and the aforementioned parties will be billed an undisclosed amount of money, as soon as the city determines how much they want to charge you for sending an officer out to issue the warning and/or citation.

These are all part of the city’s revision of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code Chapter 9.37 pertaining to “loud? or “unruly? gatherings. In response to years of complaints by neighbors plagued by student parties, the city council is making sweeping changes to the ordinance that will affect every one of us, student or not, if you ever want to gather with more than one friend at a time, that is.

See also: Open Letter to SC City Council Re: "No Party" ordinances

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Commentary :: Government & Elections : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

No on X - Santa Cruz utility tax hits poor people

In a vote-by-mail election set for August, 2005, Santa Cruz residents will be asked to approve another utility tax. Of all the things to tax, essentials are the worst possible choice. Whether you're rich or poor, you still have to flush the toilet.

The proposed 3 to 12% utility tax comes on top of a 7% utility tax and is made worse by a massive, multi-year, 124% increase in city water rates, not to mention a backward water pricing scheme that already has small users paying up to 580% more per gallon than big users.

As usual, Santa Cruz City Council calls itself progressive but doesn't behave that way. Please join me in voting no on Measure X.

[ No on X ]

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STOP Wal-Mart from Coming to Your Community!

So far, Santa Cruz County has managed to keep out ultra-evil Wal-Mart from its communities. Wal-Mart is now trying to come into Santa Cruz County... by locating themselves just outside of county lines in the small, unicorporated area of Pajaro. Please help fight the corporate monster!

Sometimes a moment comes when what we do, individually and together, MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE in what happens, for better or for worse, in our communities here on the Central Coast. If we respond, we win. If we fail to respond, we lose. A moment like that has arrived NOW.

At 9:30 AM on Monday morning June 20 the Monterey County Board of Supervisors will hear public comment on whether the county should regulate the development of big box superstores-- combining huge discount grocery sales with cheap consumer goods-- like the WalMart superstore proposed for the unincorporated rural area of Pajaro.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

Four Directions Relief Project Progress Report 12/16/05

four-directions.gif**Four Directions Relief Project*
*Progress Report 12/16/05
Louisiana Coastal Tribes Solidarity*

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

AUDIO: Interview with Maia and Sam, Common Ground Relief Volunteers from Santa Cruz

On December 12, 2005, Maia and Sam, two Santa Cruz activists volunteering with Common Ground Relief in New Orleans, called into the Indynewswire show on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1fm.

Audio: Download the mp3 (30 minutes / 13.7 MB)

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News :: Alternative Media : Poverty & Urban Development

O2 Dispatches From New Orleans

heyya friends and family! the o2 collective and southern oregon gulf coast relief network are in New Orleans. we arrived only a few days ago, but already it feels like weeks. some of our crew has been writing reflections and observations about our time here in this devastated city. below you will find them pasted in chronological order, different voices bringing you a glimpse of what we are seeing and experiencing in this place. there will be many more updates to come. we hope you can share what we are experiencing with all your friends and family. the world needs to understand what is happening down here. you can also find photos taken by our crew on our website.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

Sprouts: Katrina's Immediate Aftermath

This week's Sprouts is a documentary on the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ten days after the storm, Vinny Lombardo, a radio producer from Santa Cruz, CA travelled to Houston, TX, and New Orleans, LA to speak with Katrina survivors displaced by the hurricane.

TRT: 29:10

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Announcement :: Animal Rights : Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

So Cal Freegans Wanted for Interviews

TV reporters in LA and Bakersfield are looking for freegans to interview.

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