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Military Families Speak Out in Watsonville on Oct 26

A candlelight vigil to honor and protest the lost lives in Iraq will be held on Tuesday, October 26 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM in the Watsonville Main Plaza.

The event will be attended by family members of Victor Gonzalez, a local Marine just killed in Iraq last week. Also present will be Fernando Suarez Del Solar, father of Jesus Suarez Del Solar, the first GI killed in Iraq.

After the vigil, at 7:30 Mr. Suarez will be giving a talk about his experiences and the realities of the military enlistment and recruitment for Latino youth. The presentation will be in the Brown Beret Office located at 406 Main Street.

[ Military Families Speak Out ]


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Commentary :: Alternative Media : Education & Youth : Poverty & Urban Development

The Need for “Scholarships� Marks the Class Separation

Whenever “scholarships� are required for anything, you can be guaranteed classism is present. A certain group is left out and no one notices. Then a member of the left out group speaks up, and says “Hey, how come I am left out?� Then the group who left them out in the first place, feels guilty, and tries to act like giving “scholarships� will even everything out. But that is a band-aid at best. As the classism that originally *caused* the need for a separate system for the poor to participate, remains.

Scholarships are merely band-aids to cover the class chasm. If you really want to make an even playing field, the real analysis required is not how to fund scholarships, but how to eliminate their need altogether. One must only look at *why* such scholarships are needed, to figure out why something is classist. It is not rocket science. I think scholarships are merely guilt tools for the elite. If they really cared about equality, they would eliminate a playing field that requires some to request *special* status just to participate like everyone else. Many of us just do not want to participate in things, if we have to be singled out for scholarships to participate. It is lacking dignity. I wish people would get this basic concept.

Kirsten Anderberg's website

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Commentary :: Gender & Sexuality : Police State : Poverty & Urban Development

What Motivates Solo Women Street Performers?

In 1992 (pre-google days), I spent 3 months in college doing individual study/research on the historical documentation of women street performers. Not only was there nothing on women street performers in library archives, sans a tale or two of women troubadours from long ago, but there was a serious lack of documentation of street performer (or “busker�) history altogether. The lifestyles of street performers are romanticized or shamed, but the fact remains: there is a mystique around street performance since so few know who we are, why we became street performers, and why we keep doing it. Solo women street performers are especially mysterious to the mainstream, as we break gender stereotypes. I have started getting firsthand interviews with all the street performers I have known in my 25+ year career as a busker, so that more documentation will exist for students in the future. This article evolved from interviews with two infamous women street performers that I have shared venues with over the decades.

[ Kirsten Anderberg's Articles ]


News :: Poverty & Urban Development

RCNV terminates Infoshop's lease

Today the recently opened Santa Cruz Anarchist Infoshop at 509 Broadway was served a one month notice of terminating our rental contract with the Resource Center for Nonviolence. This came as much of a surprise to us, because until today we have not received any warning or notice of complaints.

In a scheduled meeting with an infoshop volunteer, Bob Fitch (RCNV property manager), handed over the letter and informed us that he was terminating our rental agreement and that it was not negotiable. He went on to list a series of complaints about our use of the space, claiming there were two pages of them (though he won't provide us with the list). Bob says that our presence in the space, and 'our smell' is interfering with his ability to rent the adjacent offices. He also explained that if his decision was challenged by a sit-down or occupation of the space, money for all the RCNV's legal fees would be charged to the individual who signed our lease.

We are asking people to call/write Bob and the Resource Center for Nonviolence in support of us keeping the space here, though the situation doesn't look at all hopeful.

If we are forced to vacate our space at 509 Broadway, we will do everything we can to start up again in a new location. Anyone who knows of a potential rental situation, or who could share space with us, please get in touch.

see also: Announcing the Santa Cruz Anarchist Infoshop!
Clairifications re: Infoshop & RCNV

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Announcement :: Environment & Food : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

Shameless plug for Community-Supported Agriculture

produce.jpgYou can enjoy locally-grown organic produce for $7.50 per person per week, from the Homeless Garden Project / Women's Organic Flower Enterprise.

This article is not so much an advertisement as an exploration of alternatives. For some time, I had been planning to write a story about unaffordable food prices and unhealthy gimmick foods at New Leaf and The Food Bin, the two "progressive" markets in the Downtown Santa Cruz area. Instead, I am going to suggest an alternative: the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of the Homeless Garden Project / Women's Organic Flower Enterprise.

Basically, you sign-up to receive a portion of the harvest from the Homeless Garden farm. Every Friday afternoon, you pick up your produce at the WOFE store (foot of Washington Street, near the Municipal Wharf; Metro's Route 19 bus, and the free summertime Beach Shuttle, both stop there).

I had wanted to try this for several years, but the pick-up point used to be at Natural Bridges -- not a good location for folks like me, who don't drive. This year, the pick-up point is very convenient!

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development

Homeless Being Forced To Find Help (SL Streets)

Homeless in Contra Costa being forced to leave camps.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

Top Secret Wal-Mart Memo Exposes Blantant Greed and Corruption

As far as I know, the plans are moving ahead for a Wal-Mart store on the border of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in Pajaro. Do we really want THIS in our communities? Keep Wal-Mart out!

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

10,000s Face Evictions in New Orleans and Lake Charles

Through legal maneuvering, big business interests are attempting to shut out the poor from New Orleans and grab the land that was their home. The time to speak up is NOW.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Government & Elections : Peace & War : Poverty & Urban Development

Students Hold Vigils Seeking Justice for WWII Veteranos

On Thursday, October 20, the Filipino Student Association (FSA) at UC Santa Cruz held a vigil to honor Filipino Veteranos from World War II by fighting for the benefits that they deserve.

Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos served under the United States in World War II, many of them receiving prestigious medals. While promised benefits by U.S. President Roosevelt, the U.S. Government refuses to acknowledge their contributions. Many of these Veteranos have since died, but an estimated 7,000 live in the U.S. and over 30,000 in the Philippines.

Thursday's vigil was part of a national day of awareness sponsored by Student Action for Veterans Equity (SAVE). The day was "part of an ongoing campaign to 'paint the nation brown', stressing the awareness of the Brown Ribbon Campaign; an education and action campaign dedicated to the fight for Full Equity only and nothing less, through the passages of H.R. 302 and S. 146"

Quoted from the vigil announcement:

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Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

GOP Delays Vote to Loot $50 Billion of Domestic Programs

GOP delays vote in an effort to loot more than $50 B from the poor.

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