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Scavenging Its Against The Law!! a reading of Santa Cruz City Public Works newsletter

Your city tax dollars at work...

Skidmark Bob reads from the Santa Cruz Public Works Quarterly Newsletter, "One Persons Trash" Scavenging: It's against the law!, Criminalizing anyone who "Steals" from city recycling containers creating "Gateway Criminals" in a neighboorhood near you. WATCH YOUR CANS!! BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Audio: Download mp3 audio 17:25


People should call the public works dept and express their outrage

see also: DIY Dumpstering 101 and DIY Dumpstering 102
Use the online video guide for help downloading and watching the videos

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development

Gulf Coast Communities Still Need Help from Santa Cruz

Local resident Curtis Reliford, a community organizer and founder of "Brothers Teaching Brothers," will be returning to the Gulf Coast region for a second trip to supply much-needed supplies. (See also: "Thank You Santa Cruz!" from Shreveport, Bogalousa and New Orleans, Louisiana). I have begun traveling through the region in advance to see what supplies are needed where. The past few days we have been traveling through Texas to find shelters, mostly serving Hurrican Rita survivors.

Yesterday, we stopped in Winnie, where a community center has been working with the Red Cross to serve the community and displaced Katrina survivors. While the shelter should be closing soon, many of the remaining survivors still do not know where their family is and have nohwere to go.

Today we traveled further East and saw more severe destruction. In Nederland we found Triumph Church, which had its sign blown over but is serving as a major relief center for the surroundign area. We met with Daemon Scapin, the head pastor, who told us that they have been feeding thousands of people each day. The will be shifting their strategy from providing first-response aid (food, water, and medicine) to providing and transporting supplies that will assist residents in cleaning up their homes.

Futher north on I-69, outside of Beaumont, we found hundreds of cars parked at the Church of the Rock where more residents were registering for aid and recieving meals. We met with Robert Benlien, a pastor there who is coordinating supplies. When asked what supplies they need, he replied, "everything." Apparantly, all they have recieved from FEMA is napkins and paper towels. [ Read the full report which was posted from the internet station set up at Church of the Rock. ]

URGENT Relief Needed for Native American Communities in Louisiana

The Native American tribes of the Houma, Pointe-au-Chien, and Biloxi Chitimacha of southern Louisiana have faced a monumental struggle in channeling relief efforts to their tribal members devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. For many communities, government aid has been virtually absent and supplies are only coming in from grassroots relief efforts.

Though hope and humor persist, the challenge continues to grow. The more populous indian communities in Terrebonne Parish such as Dulac, DuLarge, Grand Caillou, Montegut, Pointe-au-Chien and Isle de Jean Charles escaped extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina but became victims to the storm surge of Hurricane Rita. Another 4000 people were forced from their homes by eight feet of flood waters and a four inch layer of mud.

The rising tides from Hurricane Rita also breeched recently repaired levees in Plaquemines, St. Bernard and lower Jefferson Parishes, re-flooding communities that were beginning to dry out from the 150 mph winds and storm surge caused by Hurricane Katrina. There is concern, that without immediate assistance in the form of elder care, cleaning, and rebuilding of damaged homes, community members may move away from the area fragmenting traditions and culture. [ Read more about needed Supplies, Volunteer Work Teams and Long Term Financial Assistance ]

see also: Hurricane Relief - List of Types of Donations Most Needed (as of 13 OCT 2005)

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News :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Government & Elections : Poverty & Urban Development

Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

Santa Cruz, CA, October 7th, 2005: A Red Cross advertisement on Santa Cruz County's only remaining billboard, the "whale billboard" along Highway 17, was modified today by the Billboard Liberation Front who struck in the name of truth-in-advertising.

Where before the billboard exhorted people to give to the Red Cross, the added text reads "'cuz the government ain't doing squat."

This became painfully clear in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It was revealed that not only had the Bush administration pulled funding for levy repair in New Orleans to fund the war in Iraq, but left National Guard troops unavailable in the wake of the disaster. The largely poor and black sections of the city were left without food, water, or relief. Critics of the government’s response to the disaster, pointed out that government response to the disaster was inadequate at best, and In many cases made a bad situation worse.

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News :: Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism : Poverty & Urban Development

Malik Rahim Speaks About the Grassroots Response to Hurricane Katrina

On October 4, Malik Rahim, a longtime community activist in New Orleans and San Francisco, spoke at the Women's Building in San Francisco about the situation in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous response by the Bush administration and other government agencies. Malik, who lives in the Algiers community of New Orleans, discussed the grassroots community relief and rebuilding efforts underway through the Common Ground collective. (39:39 minutes)

Audio: Malik - download the mp3 or download the torrent

This event raised awareness and funds for Common Ground, a community-run organization based in the Algiers community of New Orleans offering temporary assistance and mutual aid to the citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Common Ground's team includes doctors, lawyers, aid workers, community organizers, and volunteers of all stripes and creeds.


News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

Students and Workers Demand a Sweat-Free UC

As part of a national anti-sweatshop campaign taking place at over 40 colleges and universities in the U.S., students and workers from UC Santa Cruz held a rally and march to demand that UCSC apparel no longer be produced in sweatshops.

The marchers, a few of whom had family members currently working in sweatshops overseas or have had personal experiences themselves, initially educated the many passerbys in busy Baytree Plaza before marching to the Chancellor's office where a list of demands was presented to an administrative representative. Their follow-through will be closely watched.

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: Students Rally for Sweat-Free Campus

Photos: UCSC is in Violation of their Code of Conduct || 25 Cents Makes a Difference: Wash Out the Sweat

[ United Students Against Sweatshops ]

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LOCAL Commentary :: Government & Elections : Poverty & Urban Development

Update on Federal Budget From Rep. Sam Farr

Even though we might all be tired of hearing "it's a budget emergency!" again, we need to be informed about what is going on with the federal budget situation. Recently, over 100 people were arrested outside federal offices in D.C., protesting the immorality of this budget.

If these budget cuts are indeed passed, it will not only affect the quality of life for all of us, people and our environmment will die as a result. Even if you consider yourself an antigoverment anarchist, please consider doing all you can to try and stop this from passing anyway. It is a reality that the majority of the population resides in a urban areas. Many will not be able to meet their (very) basic needs without some form of goverment programs.

Here is Rep. Sam Farr's response to my inquiry about the budget. I thought it was worth sharing.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

The Housing and Poverty Review for 2005

The Best Housing & Poverty Review of 2005: A day-by-day chronicle of the pitiful state of human need in the United States of America.

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development : Resistance & Tactics

VIDEO: Direct Action in New Orleans: Chief Al's Stuff

10 min Quicktime video

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Poverty & Urban Development

Lower 9th Ward Citizens Fight Demolition in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is attempting to destroy the homes of residents in the Lower 9th Ward. This is in spite of a temporary moratorium won by social justice groups against the city which blocks attempts to bulldoze the homes of Lower 9th Ward residents. The moratorium, which ends on January 6th, 2006, is being circumvented by the city through the unconstitutional use of eminent domain. Local residents are working alongside Common Ground Collective, a grass-roots organization working for the rights of displaced and neglected victims of Hurricane Katrina, and are protesting the action and calling on citizens everywhere to get involved.

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development

New Orleans Dispatch #5

Hello again-

This is Laurel writing from the Oxygen Collective's last day in New Orleans- and it is very difficult to be leaving. Relationships evolve at an accelerated pace in this environment, and we have made many close friends and longtime allies in our short time here. Besides that, we have become integrated already into organizing roles in the collective here- and it is clear our presence will be missed. The upside is that a number of our crew are staying behind to continue their work here, and most others are already planning to come back for longer stints over the next few months. Meanwhile, we have some exciting thoughts for the future of O2 involvement in New Orleans and plan to arrange multiple presentations and benefit events up and down the west coast on our return. Stay tuned.

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