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Update on 7/8 Anti-G8 Protest in San Francisco


Demonstrators at the July 8th action met at 8pm at the 16th & Mission BART Plaza. During the first half hour, protesters converged, and bilingual pamphlets were distributed to residents, passers-by, and protesters. Within a few minutes of marching, the SFPD declared the march illegal and ordered those present to disperse. People continued to march down Mission St. and were pushed from the streets onto the sidewalks. A sound system was confiscated and the person carrying it was arrested relatively quickly for noise "violations."

Once it turned onto Valencia Street, the march broke up as one portion was blocked in by riot police and the other portion outran the cops. The march was periodically broken into different groups, taking different routes along Mission & Valencia streets. Many corporate businesses were targeted for property destruction and newspaper stands were placed in the roads as barricades to block the police. Damage to corporate targets included: Two Wells Fargo Banks, a Bank of America ATM, Kentucky Fried Chicken, PG&E, Chevron, Vanguard Properties, Skechers, and Shoebiz.

At 23rd and Valencia an altercation with police officers took place. Reports say that officers ran their car into the crowd at unsafe speeds, protesters attacked the car, and the police tackled people in the crowd. A scuffle broke out and left one police officer injured with a cracked skull that required 7 staples. 6 people were arrested and face severe charges. One person is still being held on a $50,000 bond. Corporate news is reporting that this incident is causing a political fallout within the SFPD. Deputy Chief Greg Suhr is being transfered from the SFPD and it has now been confirmed that the FBI is investigating the incidents.

Communique from Anarchist Action | Legal Updates

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Declaring Indepedence from the Dominant Paradigm on July 4th

During the past Independence Day weekend, several concerned residents bipassed picnics and fireworks in favor of a more thoughtful approach to the 229th anniversary of the United States' independence from Great Britain.

On Friday, locals gathered at Seabright Beach for an old-fashioned flag burning party, complete with a bonfire and a large improv band. They saught to draw attention to the current bill pending Senate approval that would outlaw flag burning. More.. Photos

Local college students gathered Sunday in downtown Santa Cruz amid pleased onlookers in a demonstration against the corporatization of our culture.

An unusual parade entry in the Aptos World's Shortest Parade generated both applause and boos as members of the MediaWatch and Art and Revoltion project simulated a global power struggle --- with George and Laura Bush behind the wheel of a massive truck and the majority of the world pushing it from behind. Story and Photos..

Report and Photos: Aptos Parade Entry -- More Response

Audio: PoP dEFECT Radio: Fourth of July 2005

See also: Flag Amendment and the Assault on Political Dissent


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Dances with Kittens: conscience consumerism, youth activism and DIY lifestyle

A group of youth activists associated with YCSC and troubled with growing authority by adult "allies" (although we do have good ones like sandino!) and city linked laws and regulations are forming a group that will devote itself to the ideas of protesting corporate monsters in santa cruz (we already hit urban outfitters) DIY stuff, independant lifesyle stuff and for the summer counter military highschool and college recruitment stuff.

We think we will call ourselves dAnces with kittens for the summer. YCSC regulations will not be on us so the meetings for this group will be 5-630 on tuesdays upstairs at resource center for nonviolence all ages welcome but youth Under 26 especially highschool age will be very welcome since thats what all of us so far are (also its imporatant for us cause we never saw this city before the dot come boom and earthquake. after the summer ends the date will move as ycsc will take this time please all members welcome it would be nice to have some college connections also so please attend our meetings. So if you are interested in the future of corporations coming to santa cruz, building a more independant lifestyle and helping block military recruiters, join santa cruz's youth activists and build our future!!!!!!!

DWK Event 6/12: Film Screening: The Fourth World War

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The Project: Spring Insurrection

The Project Collective strives to document and inspire radical actions that are relevant to local, regional, and global socioeconomic justice. We believe independent media plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue, organizing mass mobilizations, and encouraging daily acts of resistance.

In our latest issue, titled "Spring Insurrection," we focus on the string of radical actions that hit the UC system during Spring quarter. From those who participated we receive accounts and critiques of the counter-military recruitment action at the career fair, the various strikes (AFSCME and CUE), Tent U (1 | 2), and the disruption of the Regent's Meeting at UCSF (1 | 2 | 3 | 4). In addition are articles on the Bush Administration's policies of torture, Bush's favorite Jesus-loving rapist, an interview with Barrios Unidos founder Daniel Alejandrez, an interview with Mayor Mike Rotkin, and other tidbits to fuel the insurrection!

Enjoy and keep fighting! - The Project Collective

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Hydroelectric plant proposed on the South Fork of the Pit River

Local land developer, Barry Swenson, is a controlling stakeholder in the organization that regularly drains this Modoc County river which is habitat to endangered and threatened species.

Modoc County, CA - Under Federal Energy Regulation Commission Application P-12053, Nicholas Josten of Idaho filed an application to construct a hydroelectric plant upon the South Fork of the Pit River, located in rural Modoc County. This project proposes to generate electrical power for a maximum of 2,200 households.

As partners, the South Fork Irrigation District of Likely, California and Barry Swenson of Alturas Ranches who is financing the studies and arranging for the financing of the million plus dollar project, propose to divert 100 cubic feet from a river that hardly runs 45 cubic per second during average years along a three mile stretch of scenic roadway that runs alongside Jess Valley Road. The river is home to the endangered red band trout and the project site is proposed to sit on a 31 acre piece of BLM property, situated between two private residences and in the midst of a small residential area.

Swenson, a multimillionaire Silicon Valley Builder and Land Developer, dba Green Valley Corporation, and a sixty percent stakeholder in the South Fork Irrigation District, owns much property in Santa Clara, Monterey, Marin, Alameda, Fresno, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Yuba, Sutter, Sonoma and Modoc Counties and builds major hotels and commercial buildings. He started acquiring property in Modoc County in 1997. Read More

Two fiery and heated scoping sessions were held Wednesday, June 15th in Likely, California, with FERC officials and representatives of the National Forest Service and BLM on a proposed small hydropower project on the South Fork of the Pit River in Modoc County. Swenson's representative threatened landowners and opponents, "You people will find yourselves living in a community that hates you if you continue this!" (meaning opposing the project)

[ What's the Price of This River? || Endangered River || Stop the West Valley Power Project || Photos: South Fork Pit River ]

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Does Steve Forbes magazine cover up for National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson ?

Steve Forbes,shame on you for misleading your own reporter,and even worse your subscribers, about the true Beltway-Davidson origens of the 'anti-naked short selling' scam....It may be past time to ask the SEC to get the CIA out of stock investing.As they set a bad precedent.And other federal agencies may justify a similar scheme as the CIA and or NSA who both use the same IT that the GAO and the SEC and the White House etc etc all use and that appears to be SRA International's predominantly.

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Talleres Foro Social Alternativo, Caracas - 22 a 29/01/2006

* Se presenta un primer listado descriptivo de Talleres previstos en el marco del FSA-Caracas/2006, evento paralelo al Foro Social Mundial que el gobierno venezolano apadrina para las mismas fechas.

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'Energy Dissent' and the 2006 G8 Summit in Russia

Reclaim the debate! Resist the G8! In July 2006, the G8 will hold its annual Summit in St.Petersburg, Russia. Vladimir Putin says he's placing "energy security" at the top of the G8 agenda during Russia's presidency. The G8 countries consume 45% of world oil and produce 47% of global CO2 emissions. Their "energy security" is our energy grave!

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D.C. Terrorbaggers: James Dale Davidson, ex-CIA Chief Woolsey, Asa Hutchinson, Tom McMillen, Don Nickles

By entering into the land of penny stocks to support their 'Homeland Security' penny stock operation they increase the chance that U.S.penny stocks might be used for money laundering and by operating like a typical offshore penny stock scheme they encourage others by their examples to do the same.If Woolsey or Asa Hutchinson or Tom McMillen can think of no better way to help their homeland perhaps they should all retire.

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SAOIRSE - Irish Freedom

Keep informed on Irish Republican activism--Read SAOIRSE!

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