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3rd Weekly UCSC Weapons Inspection Tour

5/6/05: Complete with costumes and characters such as UC President Dynes and "Hans" of SNL fame, the march through Science Hill, organized by Students Against War (SAW)'s Demilitarization working group, highlighted UC's management of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Labs, as well as the large amount of weapons research currently underway on UCSC's campus. Student 'weapons inspectors' stopped outside the new Baskin Engineering building before a die-in outside the Science and Engineering Library. The inspectors also marched silently through the library and passed out information about UCSC's connection to the war machine.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism : Peace & War

Hans; UC Plays Central Role in Thermo-Nuclear Weapons R&D

On May 6, I joined the Demilitarize faction of Students Against War (SAW) for a weapons inspection tour of UC Santa Cruz. This was the third week of the ongoing weapons inspection tour which meets every Friday, 12:30pm, at the Baytree Plaza.

Students Against War (SAW) meets every Friday in Conference Room #C above the Baytree Plaza at 5pm. SAW's demilitarization working group meets every Sunday in Cowell's fireside lounge at 7pm.

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Tent University at Colorado College

This article is both an invitation and an announcement of Tent University at Colorado College, a 24 hour social forum and arts festival to be held from noon on May 13th through noon on May 14th. The event will also be held in solidarity with the Santa Cruz comunity.

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How to End the War (by Naomi Klein)

The lie that the United States invaded Iraq to bring freedom and democracy not just to Iraq but, as it turns out, to the whole world, is tremendously useful—because we can first expose it as a lie and then we can join with Iraqis to try to make it true. So it disturbs me that a lot of progressives are afraid to use the language of democracy now that George W. Bush is using it. We are somehow giving up on the most powerful emancipatory ideas ever created, of self-determination, liberation and democracy.

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U.S. Holding Journalists Without Charge in Iraq

The Rumsfeld war on journalism continues. Story from Democracy Now.
DOGSPOT #1 documented the beginning of this shameful legacy.

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