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First you need to know that the north tower of the World Trade Center suffered a very serious fire on February 13, 1975. You also need to know that this fire caused no serious structural damage to the tower and that no steel-framed high-rise has ever collapsed due to fire. The following is a report concerning the February 13, 1975 fire.

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High Resolution Videos of 9/11 (and much more).

Video of the (obvious) demolition of World Trade Center Seven together with video of the (less obvious) demolition of North Tower. Hi-resolution video of the first plane hitting the North tower is also presented (this is footage taken by the Naudet brothers (one of whom quite clearly knew the first aircraft was about to hit the North Tower)).

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

WTC Towers - Predetonations of Explosives Caught on Video.

We present an animated graphic and a NUMBER of video clips showing numerous predetonations of explosives during the demolitions of the WTC towers.

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The Danger of the Christian Fascists and the Challenges This Poses

When we talk about the dangers posed by the Christian Fascists and the configuration in ruling structures of U.S. society now, some people say, "Are you people just trying to scare people into scurrying to your banner?" Well, no. This is very real. And one of the things that was very important in the discussion that followed the talk I gave on the dictatorship of the proletariat (" Dictatorship and Democracy, and the Socialist Transition to Communism"), was the question about whether there's "a perfect fit" between this Christian Fascist program and the interests and needs of the ruling class, at this time at least. (This discussion was published in the RW #1261, December 12, 2004.)


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Union Protest Shuts Down University of California Santa Cruz

protest2.jpgA long time ago, the UCSC was classified as a "rural" area by the UC reagents: thus setting the payscale for clerical workers 15% lower than at other state universities. While perpetrating this injustice, the UCSC administration has piled others on: paying themselves 2.4 million dollars in bonuses, raising tutition, and somehow retaining a reserve of 5 BILLION DOLLARS while allowing the gap between USCS clerical workers and other UC employees to widen.

Strikers shutdown the university for a full day on Thursday.


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