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Morales Gains Credibility in Bolivia

Map of Bolivia indicates pipeline and travel routesIn October of 2003, Evo Morales led an uprising in Bolivia that ousted former president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada. In a vain effort to retain his position, Lozada had ordered his troops to shoot to kill. In spite of this, the US State Department assured Lozada of support in his "effort to restore order". More than 80 protesters died, and Lozada fled in disgrace to the US, where he has been in hiding since.
"We want to charge him with economic damages and crimes against humanity," Morales said. "We are soon going to see him in prison."
Morales may yet prevail, since the Bolivian congress has recently voted to put Lozada on trial

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Charles Schwab Dogged By Social Security Proponents


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The Outrageous Statements of Ward Churchill

An apologist for the mass murder of working class people at the World Trade Center is Ward Churchill.

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Baghdad Reprise: How Iraq Was Silenced

The links in this story indicate how the true story of the continuing war in Iraq was silenced. After the war against Saddam Hussein ended on May 1st, 2003 what ensued was a war against the Iraqi people for the sake of military contractors in the US.

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April 6, film screening of "The Take" to benefit

Santa Cruz Indymedia activists were given a copy of The Take, a new film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein about worker expropriation of factories in Argentina after the 2001 economic collapse. There will be a free screening of this excellent documentary on Wednesday, April 6th, 7:00pm, at Barrios Unidos (1817 Soquel Ave).

We are trying to raise funds to support, the San Francisco Bay Area IMC. Why are we raising funds for Indybay? Since August of 2000, Indybay has become one of the most active Independent Media Centers, through and projects like Enemy Combatant Radio, Fault Lines Newspaper, and Street Level TV. Indybay is an important resource beyond the Bay Area, and has provided excellent coverage of the social movements and governmental collapses that have taken place in Argentina over the last few years. Now Indybay needs our help buying another server, because the current hard disks are almost completely filled up (with radical, independent media).

So come on out to Barrios Unidos (1817 Soquel Ave) on Wednesday, April 6 at 7:00pm to get educated and inspired from The Take, and support Indymedia.

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