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2004's Top War Profiteers


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Iran Provides Explanation for Unnerving Blast

Amid speculation about whether Iran's nuclear program is soley for peaceful uses, a blast was heard from the the general area of Iran's recently completed nuclear power plant. A plane was seen flying over the area at the time, and early reports said a missle had been fired.
Iran's most recent explanation is that an empty fuel tank may have fallen from the plane.

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End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

The United States, working with other nations, can combat the modern-day slave trade that traps women who are seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families.

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Welcoming Chancellor Denton to UC Santa Cruz

On February 14th (Valentine's Day), the Student & Worker Coalition for Justice, AFSCME Service Workers, CUE Clericals, and other campus unions "welcomed" incoming Chancellor Denise Denton on her first day at UCSC.

Several hundred students and workers marched from McHenry Library to Kerr Hall. At Kerr, the Budget Office was noisily occupied, with the large crowd flowing out onto the upper patio. (12 minute video)

Video: Download the Video! (33.6 MB) or Download the Lower Resoultion Video! (18.2 MB)

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David Rovics in San Jose

David_close.jpg(11 Feb, 2005) David Rovics performed Friday night at Centro Aztlan in San Jose for a benefit for the Barrio Defense Committee. The enthusiastic crowd was tapping and clapping and singing along throughout the show.

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