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Lawsuit Procedes Against Cheney's Cloak of Secrecy

The lawsuit, filed by the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch, alleges that participants from industry effectively became members of the task force formulating the White House's industry-friendly energy recommendations, while environmental groups and others were shut out of the meetings.

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House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Takes Cover from Fund-Raising Scrutiny

As 2004 came to a close, Ronnie Earle, district attorney in Travis County Texas, made gains in pursuing associates of US House Majority leader Tom DeLay for illegal corporate fundraising. Eight corporations have been indicted: several have had their indictments dismissed on the basis of having been misled by the fundraisers. At least one of the corporations indicted, Sears Roebuck & Co, will be cooperating with the prosecution.

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Cheney Continues to Violate Law on Energy Policy Task Force

Dick Cheney has continued to cloak the composition of his 2001 energy task force in secrecy. The Federal Advisory Committee Act says the government must disclose the work of groups that include non-federal employees. A lawsuit is pending to force disclosure. Jane Mayer of The New Yorker suggests that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were planned well in advance of the September 11th crisis - planned for the benefit of US oil corporations headquartered in Texas

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DOE Has Plans for Iran's Neighbors

Recently, there has been a flurry of activity between the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran. Energy Department documents explain why these lesser known countries have become so important and very shortly will be major news items... at least in the free press, i.e., DOGSPOT

...the 1999 natural gas discovery of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz field appears to have boosted the region's natural gas export prospects. The Shah Deniz field...
is thought to be the

largest natural gas discovery worldwide since 1978


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A Surplus of Men, a Deficit of Peace

A study conducted at Toronto's York University found that when young males of an aggressor nation reach 35% of the population, war is inevitable (Excess of young men cited as spark that ignites wars" Boston Globe 9/21/98).

Jonathan Power's article supports this study. The male surplus has worsened since female fetuses are aborted in the patriarchies of China and India where sons are favored.

It is believed that by 2015 there will be more than 50 million frustrated, horny angry young Chinese and Indian men itching to join the army where they will participate in their usual killing and raping sprees.

Here's a pointed question guaranteed to curl the short hairs of antichoice woo woos.

Q "What would the world be like it all the world's women had reproductive rights and began aborting mostly male fetuses? Would there be a shortage of psychopathic mercenaries and rapists?
Just asking. —Utopia Bold

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