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What the world watched while bush gave his speech on 1/20/05

While the commander in theif was giving his speech here in ameriKa the rest of the planet saw an image of a little 4 year old girl with the blood of her parents dripping from her body. The BBC has 11 images of this death seen from the first shot fired by our own military.

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Bush Never Dreamed of Iraq Elections: and Deserves No Credit

5 Years ago, George W, Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and their neo-conservative cadre were spoiling for war with Iraq.
Democratic elections were not a goal of the US invasion and are now being used as a smokescreen for yet another phase of deepening US involvement.
It was the powerful cleric Ali al-Sistani who first pressed the issue - and then as part of an exit strategy for the US.

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Nader, Gonzalez, Landis, Smith, Lafortune

RalphNader_RioThtr_062.jpgHundreds of people came out to the Rio Theater on January 24. The event featured talks by Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez, Todd Landis, and Martin Smith, and performance by the Dance Brigade. Local Green Party organizer, Louis Lafortune, MCd the show.

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King of Nepal Places Elected Officials Under Arrest

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation could have a profound long-term effect on world peace: Nepal, India and Pakistan are among its members and the upcoming summit will be affected by recent unrest.

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Ayn Rand Turns Over Another Digit

As I write this at a public computer in Santa Cruz, where Ayn Rand is not in fashion at the moment, celebration continues in Washington D.C. One of the speakers at the Ayn Rand Centennial Conference Program was Robert Poole, who helped ensure the privatization of Caltrans. His presentation is concluding as I type this at noon PST.

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