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Ralph Nader Rocks the Rio

Ralph Nader speaks to an almost packed house at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA on Jan. 24th 2005. He speaks about the US occupation of Iraq, corporate shenadegins, and the need for an active citizenry. The speech is about an hour long and features an introduction by Louis Lafortune, Green Party member and DJ at Free Radio Santa Cruz.

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View From Baghdad

Will yesterday's election make a difference? Patrick Cockburn reports from Baghdad.

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Mary and the Fat Man

folksinger Burl Ives played deep cover agent Dr. Hasselbacher in Our Man in HavanaHe sat with a bible on a bench in Iowa City. Not always the same bench. Each time I noticed words underlined in his special bible:
individual words.   

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Rumsfeld Weathers Storm: Cash Diverts Foes

"...the Defense Secretary's foes have dispersed in spite of the damning evidence contained in a recent Human Rights Watch Report.
...and a tidbit from The National Ledger indicates how money has defused opposition to Rummy from within his own party."

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Where Have All The Polar Bears Gone?

Just when you thought global warming was really bad, it looks even worse. A global summit of world scientists is meeting in Exeter, England this week and they are alarmed at the picture they see emerging of seeminly irreversible global warming.

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