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Sentinel Coast Hotel editorial deconstructed

The snowjob is in full swing as the business types who see their pockets lined with $30 million dollars of indebtedness to the public, line up to sing the praises of the mammoth Coast Hotel Project and to dangle carrots in front of citizens who responsibly want City government to have a sufficient revenue stream. This dog and pony show glosses over real concerns that the Sentinel would rather the public not spend much time thinking about. This Sentinel editorial leaves out a lot of these concerns. I have appended them to the front of the editoral from Sunday's paper.

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No Business like socialism

When one has to pay 50USD for something normally worth of 5USD is there something wrong with the pricing in monopoly. But, how about selling it for 20USD in cash to fix the salary?

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US-Backed Iraqi Abuses Haunt Election

'Prisoners were bound, blinded, gagged. Many had terrible bruises and burns. One room contained hoses, broken lamps (electric shock) and chemicals' beelzebub

Captain Jarrell Southall,
Oregon National Guard

Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hendrickson, the battalion commander, then “radioed up the chain of command in the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division, relaying what he had seen and asking for instructions …
It wasn’t long before the order came: Stand Down.

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World Economic Forum Considers the Poor

French President Jacques Chirac was snowed in, but addressed the WEF by video, encouraging an international tax to alleviate poverty and aids. This years' gathering is also reportedly laced with strong anti-war sentiments, viewing prolonged US engagement in Iraq as an obstacle to global progress.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections

Peaceful Protest Continues in Baghdad

Contrary to US plans, Moktada Al Sadr continues to be recognized as a leader by the Iraqi people. Today he is at the forefront of protests in the capitol that have continued peacefully for over a week. "The government has given nothing to the Iraqi people, and all the political parties say yes to the Americans. The elections are useless. They will do nothing for us," said Nizar Khanjar, 27.... "Only the Sadr office is defending the rights of the people."

With the fall of the Saddam regime, Iraqis have seen harder times than they had even under sanctions, and the interim government of CIA fledgling Allawi has been largely powerless to help them. Since 1964, the CIA has acted as if a deity in the selection of Iraqi leadership, but they appear to have underestimated the power the Sadr clan, widely repected in both Iraq and Iran.


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