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Venezuela: Free the O-12th Prisoners and the Revolution will not be Terrorised

Bolivarian Revolution

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Russia technique has been to kill male persons from foreign families says half nine news in Finland.

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Book on Venezuela Undermines Cause - Plagiarism Identified

The Battle of Venezuela by Michael McCaughan, has been criticized on grounds of plaigarism. Students of Venezuela, Chavez and South American politics are advised to read the opinions of David Raby and Gregory Wilpert who argue that the book contains factual errors and presents a seriously misconceived conclusion. More disturbingly, the book contains word for word and in some cases in slightly paraphrased sentences lifted with no permission from other sources, with no reference whatsoever to the original giving the impression that the text was written by anyone other than Mr. McCaughan.

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

Open Letter to My Grandfather

I never really got to know my grandfather, Austin A. O'Malley, as he died when I was only four years old. He came over to the United States from his native country, Ireland around 1889, as a little boy of eleven years. Like many other Irishmen from Louisburg, County Mayo, he settled in Clinton, Massachusetts. I know that he worked there for a baker for awhile untill the Spanish American War broke out. I also know that he was in and out of the Veteran’s Hospital all through his life. I also know that he liked to drink at bars in South Boston, sometimes with his dog beside him.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

The Daily Poetry Movement

An ongoing feature from portland indymedia

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