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Boston Social Forum: Significance, Achievements and Some Lessons Learned


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National Conference on Organized Resistance Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for the National Conference on Organized Resistance on February 3rd through February 6th, 2005, in Washington, DC!

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The Best Things In Space Ain't Free

ragingrans1.jpgSanta Cruz's own Raging Grannies performed to a full house at the Louden Nelson Center last week during a WILPF-sponsored town meeting on the privatization and militarization of space. Lyrics which were sung to the tune of "The Best Things in Life are Free" are below.

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Bruce Gagnon Question and Answers

The Q&A session from after Bruce's main talk.

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Books to rock your Republican Mom's vote!

Before your Mom, brother, or friend votes in November, they really should read one, two, or all of these books, beginning with Mark Crispin Miller's "Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order." Tell your family and friends about these books! Buy these books for them! E-mail this list to everyone you know, and print it as a flyer to post in your local cafe or hand out in front of a bookstore. There's enough time before the election for a little good reading to make a big difference.
So go for it; make a difference!

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