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Resurrection of Care at Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove in rural Sonoma Country, California is where the Manhattan Project was conceived. So were many other bad things. Ostensibly a retreat for the U.S. elite, the Grove is where the Strangeloves meet the globalizers, and the CEOs hang out with the Bushes. This is a report from the July 18, 2004 protest, where we countered in a creative way.

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please join us for a BOOK RELEASE CELEBRATION! for the book from City Lights: ** GLOBALIZE LIBERATION ** How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World, edited by David Solnit - WED JULY 28, 7PM

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MoveOn's Campaign To Aid Sudanese

Genocide is underway in Sudan.

The contrast in our government’s response to Sudan and Iraq is striking. Bush was willing to buck the United Nations and spend $200 billion to invade Iraq (most recently for humanitarian reasons).

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Why Local Activists are Turning their Attention to Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon

weapons-inspector.jpgA newly-formed coalition in Santa Cruz is turning its attention to Lockheed Martin, which has a 4000 acre facility in Bonny Doon. Lockheed Martin (L-M) is the world's largest weapons contractor. It invents and develops high-tech war-fighting weapons, markets them to the Pentagon and to Congress, and sells them around the world on the open market. It pollutes the earth, both in the production of weapons and in their use in war. It has been convicted and fined for criminal violations of US law. And yet it has much more say about our government's policies than do ordinary citizens. Lockheed Martin buys access to our government representatives, largely with money it has made from selling weapons to our government, weapons that are both subsidized and paid for with our tax dollars. Profiteering from War.

Local Weapons Inspectors to visit Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon on Friday, August 6

Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team

For More Information on Lockheed Martin:
[ Direct Action To Stop The War I Arms Trade Resource Center I Counter Punch I Open Secrets I Corporate Swine I Corp Watch I War Profiteer Cards ]

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Left (or alternative) Wing Chat Room on

Announcement: has just opened a chat room for all to discuss the issues of the day.

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