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Photos from the Hiroshima Day Commemoration

Hiroshima Day Commemoration in Santa Cruz

At 8.15am August 6, 1945, a nuclear bomb was exploded 500 metres above the city of Hiroshima. It is estimated 140,000 people, mainly women, old men and children, died directly and in the few months after the bomb exploded. Its effects can still be seen today in the survivors and their descendants. Saturday August 9 is the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of the city of Nagasaki. Historical research shows the use of nuclear weapons could have been avoided, and all those deaths prevented, if diplomatic alternatives had been properly pursued. The USA continues to use nuclear weapons of mass destruction, as in depleted uranium munitions, used recently in Iraq.


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Santa Cruz Delegation to Cancun

cancun 2003.jpgA Santa Cruz delegation is being organized to attend the People's Forum on Alternatives to the WTO in Cancun in September. Meetings are Wednesday evenings at 7pm at the Resource Center for NonViolence.

WTO is the over-arching keystone of the neoliberal global economic architecture, which also includes regional initiatives like NAFTA, FTAA, Plan Puebla Panama, Plan Colombia, etc...

[ Call for Mobilization I WTO Action Meeting Report I Global Exchange's WTO Campaign ]

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Report from Inside the Belly of the Beast

Our booth was definitely the most popular booth at the Ministerial Conference on Food and Agriculture in Sacramento, both with the delegates and the other exhibitors. We handed out lots of organic produce and product, proving that people are hungry for food as well as knowledge. The presence of good food (the only fresh food at a conference on agriculture and technology) enabled us to demonstrate through peoples' mouths and stomachs the appeal of organic production.

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BIODEV CARTOON by Charles Amsellem

ATTENTION ACTIVISTS! STOP The WTO and the Anti-Life Practices and Polices of Agribusiness


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Stop the Corporate Takeover of Our Food Supply!

stop the stampede in sacramento.jpgPrepare for Sacramento!

On Sunday, June 1, there will be a skill-share and direct action training workshop at San Lorenzo Park starting at noon. Later that night at 8pm, there will be an outdoor film screening of Breaking the Spell.

Then on Thursday, June 5, from 6-9pm, there will be a Teach-In and Film Screening at the Live Oak Grange.

[ June 1st Events I June 5th Teach-In and Film Screening I WTO Agenda in Sacramento (.pdf) ]

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Bhopal Revealed as World's Largest Insurance Fire

"Former Union Carbide project engineer Umesh Nanda told the court that at the time of the disaster the management was planning to dismantle the plant, which was running huge losses."

reported by AFP


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A Call For Unification!

In contemporary America, disunification, or splintering, has rendered the left ineffective. Such has long served as the eulogy of leftist movements and ideas within the states. The problem has worsened in recent years, and has thus led to a lifeless decay in the strength of all real progressive actions. Clearly, this has given way to today’s breed of libertarian rightists, neo-conservatism, and many other crypto-fascist uprisings. Disintegration, lack of solidarity, and a true misunderstanding of who/what the real enemy is, has led to the recent polarization of our movements.

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To save the Bay of La Paz & Gulf of California

This is an effort to save the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth.

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Trade agreements, border patrols, and militias: A death sentence for displaced migrants

leftturn.gifA flashpoint of xenophobia, neoliberalism, and militarism—the US-Mexico border is the center of an international debate about undocumented people in the US. What the debate does nothing to address, however, is why so many people are fleeing their lands to come to the US.

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Schwarzenegger Ignores Bush's Denial of Global Warming

"... the debate is over. We know the science and we see the threat. Most of all, I say that we know the time for action is now. Global warming, and the pollution and burning of fossil fuels that cause it, are threats we see here in California and everywhere around the world. "

Arnold Schwarzenegger in
New Perspectives Quarterly

Yes Arnold, and greed for fossil fuel profiteering has pitted the Bush administration against the leaders of the Arab world for the past 5 years.

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