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Nov. 2nd World Can't Wait

Is Santa Cruz going to have a protest on Nov. 2nd? for the World Can't Wait event?

San Francisco denied a permit recently.

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Photos Prove: CIA Undermined New York Times Reporting

James Reston, author of the letter transcribed below, might not be entirely happy about it's release today. Edward S Herman of FAIR described him in a 1996 retrospective as "The Insider's Journalist in the Service of Empire". Certainly his career was a mixed one, rich with accolades but laced with a dangerous excess of sympathy for the insiders who fed him his stories. Is this the tradition that provided us the tainted gifts of Judith Miller? In any case, these pages were lying around as pictures in the archives in Urbana, Illinois and I consider it a public service to render them as text.
documents archived at University of Illinois prove that the CIA has systematically undermined the US news media

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Chat Anyone? Dahr Jamail is on his way to Santa Cruz..

I noticed there were a dozen people online: and somehow the tally of stories read wasn't increasing. So if you people do nothing else, how about a chat? Just make up any nickname, and you're in.
Nick Name:
Dahr Jamail is coming to UCSC in about 4 hours, that's something to chat about...

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FSRN: UC Students Against War

US military recruiters, who were forced out of a UC Santa Cruz job fair by a rowdy demonstration six months ago, returned to the campus for the first time Tuesday, amid loud, disruptive protests. But as FSRN's Vinny Lombbardo reports, UC officials were determined to prevent another shut down of the campus job fair. 3:58

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Santa Cruz Uses Reserve Funds to Spur Local Businesses

Santa Cruz hasn't gotten a Wal-Mart yet and I hope they never will. I would like to see more cooperatives. Who wants to start one?

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