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A Message to the Anti-war Demonstrators

Guantanamo. . . “shock and awe”. . . “collateral damage”. . . Fallujah. . . Abu Ghraib. Behind the words stand the cities reduced to rubble, the bodies in the streets, the hooded prisoners, the kicked-down doors, and the children—crying in terror or silently watching the humiliation of their parents. All justified by outrageous lies.

The horror grinds on, every day.

Iraq cannot wait.

Iraq cannot wait for “pendulum swings.” Iraq cannot wait for possible resolutions to set “reasonable” deadlines for hypothetical timetables. Iraq cannot wait for the 2006 U.S. elections—especially (but not only) when the major Democrats all oppose withdrawal from Iraq, and some even support more troops being sent.


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Global Justice Feeder March /// S24 DC


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Immigrants Second To Pets In Katrina Aftermath


---USA Gives More Attention To Pets Than To
Immigrants, During Katrina Catastrophe---

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

Bolivarianism can only be concretised in Marxism

Bolivarian Revolution

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Finding Common Ground in New Orleans

tree_9-15-05.jpgOn September 15, Vinny and I were driving around Algiers to determine the reception quality of 94.5 FM, the Battle for Algiers. Next thing we knew, we were on the Mississippi River Bridge headed to downtown New Orleans.

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