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Metro Workers Struggle for Contract

Santa Cruz Metro workers, are ramping up pressure for a fair deal after their contract talks reached a stalemate. Bus drivers, mechanics, and other workers, who've gone without a contract since March 31, maintained a three hour picket line at the downtown bus station Wednesday, after talks with management broke off.

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DELICATESSEN at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Friday 8 July 8pm

Good to see you at our first summer series film and at the Reverend Billy event. We'll see you again this Friday as...

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Presents

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CAFTA is a Disaster for the People of Central America and the USA

If things continue, as the Ghost of Christmas Future may have predicted in an updated rendition of Dickens, the "third world" will have Democracy just like ours and we will have Poverty just like theirs.
CAFTA Must Be Defeated.

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Announcement :: Labor & Economics

UNT leader Stalin Perez Borges tour in California

Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

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Post Carbon Santa Cruz meeting (7/7)

6pm Thursday July 7th
515 Broadway, Santa Cruz
Resource Center for Non Violence:

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