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UN World Environment Days June 1 - 5

This week UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and mayors from all over the world will converge in the Bay Area for World Environment Days. The focus of the event is environmental justice in the context of cities-as-standards-setters. Organizers of the event hope to get support for the San Francisco Urban Environmental Accords, the goal of which is to create a grassroots movement through the public's access to mayors who are already responsible for many urban environmental issues. Local environmental and social activists are planning many actions to coincide with the event.

Audio: Peace Talks Interview with Alli Starr

[ Green Cities, Brown Folks (6/1) || Voices Rising (6/4) || Community Sponsored Events || Grassroots Community Actions ]

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News :: Labor & Economics

UPTE Workers Stage One Day Strike

Reasearchers at the University of California, represented by University Professional and Technical Employees Local 9119 held a one-day, system-wide strike Thursday to demand a raise, and better working conditions. 150 people held a noon time rally at the main entrance of UC Santa Cruz.

Bad faith bargaining, and unilateral changes in job duties are key issues for the strike. Lindy Cloud, UPTE state treasurer, says the contract expired last September, and members haven't had a raise in nearly three years.

"We got zero percent increases last year, no step increases within range increases, no cost of living adjustments, and the University made $780 million dollars. Its not that the money isn't there, they just don't want to give it out, that's ridiculous."

Audio || Photos

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News :: Education & Youth : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics

Demonstrations Against the Terminator held in Watsonville, Sacramento and LA

Action Day for a Better California Rallies Against Governor's Reforms

Pajaro Valley AFT 1936 Committee on Political Education organized a rally at the Plaza in Watsonville on May 25, which included students, teachers and their supporters. The theme of the demonstration was Broken Promises + Broken Schools = Broken Dreams. About 100 people where part of the energenic protest against Arnold and his neglect for youth and education in Watsonville. The rally was part of a statewide day of protest against Governor Schwarzenegger and his so-called "reforms." Photos: 1 | 2 || Audio

In Sacramento, more than 25,000 people, including teachers, nurses, firefighters and labor unions, rallied against Governor Schwarzenegger and his broken promises to public services. Country Joe sang "I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die," his famous anti-Viet Nam War song. The crowd enthusiastically sang along in the heat. Representatives from the so-called special interests groups spoke and told their powerful stories and demanded that Arnold keep his promises to California. An airplane flew the message "California is not for sale!" Read more... || Reportback and Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 || Audio

In Los Angeles, about three thousand public employees attended a rally, “Action Day For a Better California,? in Downtown LA at Pershing Square. Parents, teachers, registered nurses, firefighters and police officers showed up to display their discontentment about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's policy agenda shortchanging them and their children." Reportback and Photos: 1 | 2

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News :: Labor & Economics

Informational Rally at Sunshine Villa is just the Beginning

On May 12, S.E.I.U. workers, students, labor organizers and other commmunity members demonstrated outside Sunshine Villa Assisted Living on Beach Hill in Santa Cruz. Sunshine Villa is owned by Regent Assisted Living which is based in Portland, Oregon. The owner is very worried that if Sunshine Villa is unionized, then the many other assited living facilities he owns in 7 other states will become unionized as well.

S.E.I.U has filed bad faith bargaining charges against Sunshine Villa. While the Labor Board makes a decision, it’s important for Santa Cruz to show Sunshine Villa that we will not be silent while they attempt to bust the Union.

Audio from the May 12th Rally: Download the mp3 (14:55 minutes / 5.1 MB)

See also: Rain Doesn't Halt Sunshine Villa Workers Solidarity Rally (3/22/05)


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News :: Education & Youth : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics

Monterey Bay Area Labor Terminates Governor's Visit

Organized labor in the Monterey Bay area is a potent force -- powerful enough apparently to intimidate Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from visiting Salinas. The Governor was planning an appearance in Salinas on Wednesday, May 12, to commemorate the opening of a new California Highway Patrol facility, but when a sizable protest organized against him was publicized, he canceled out at the last minute on Tuesday evening. Representatives from Schwarzenegger's office deny that he had planned on being at the Salinas ceremony, but insiders confirm that the city was preparing for the governor's visit.

Various labor groups have been organizing against Schwarzenegger throughout the state. The first was the California Nurses Association, who have protested his ban on safe nurse-to-patient ratio mandates in medical facilities throughout the state. The California Teacher's Association and California Federation of Teachers have worked in solidarity opposing Schwarzenegger's theft of two billion dollars from last year's education budget, which has yet to be returned. Meanwhile, schools throughout the state are suffering from budget shortfalls. Other labor groups, including state and school employees and service workers, have fought the privatization of the state's retirement system, cutbacks to Worker's Compensation and the Governor's proposed anti-Proposition 98 special election slated for November.

Despite the governor's absence, the demonstration on Wednesday brought record numbers of union supporters out into the streets of Salinas, according to Monterey Bay Central Labor Council's Executive Director, Paul Johnston. He estimated that there were 100 - 200 representing a wide variety of unions in the morning and another several hundred of school employees who arrived in the afternoon. "Outside of farm worker demonstrations, this is probably one of the biggest in the last 50 years," he observed.


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Announcement :: Labor & Economics

Twentieth Annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, Jan. 13-15, 2006

The Twentieth Annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s contribution to the civil rights and labor movements, will be held January 13-15, 2006.
The weekend of solidarity in an era of war, racism, and hard times features music, drama, visual arts, spoken word, poetry, photography and more.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Labor & Economics : Peace & War

Rockin' the Boat: CPT Peace Activists Held Hostage

Four peace activists working with Christian Peacemaker Teams were kidnapped in Baghdad and are being held hostage by a group calling itself the Swords of Righteousness Brigade. Listen to an interview with Cliff Kendi, a CPT member who's spent many months in Iraq, plus an interview with Huwaida Arraf a spokesperson for the International Solidarity Movement. Then, an AP newswire story is read, and an appeal for letters of support. 39:18

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Announcement :: Animal Rights : Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

So Cal Freegans Wanted for Interviews

TV reporters in LA and Bakersfield are looking for freegans to interview.

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News :: Labor & Economics

California Department of Corporations and the 'anti-naked shorting' mafia

Although James Dale Davidson was for years a principal part of Agora Inc.of Baltimore,Maryland and around the world and 'cyberspace',he was also,if not the first to use the 'naked shorting' claim to divert attention away from his own illegal pump and dump of worthless penny stock shares,(and not even audited by the SEC in this day and age),he was the first to take the claim to new levels as an organised penny stock scam.And to use the fraudulent claim that 'certs' or paper certificates were the only way to protect your investments in penny stocks from evil 'naked short' sellers who did their evil by way of 'electronic counterfeitting' of shares.Is he also connected to with its San Diego Wells Fargo bank account and CHEETAH CLUB,LAS VEGAS AS AN ADDRESS ? The same Cheetah Club whose San Diego branch bribed San Diego city council members to protect its lap dance operation ?

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

UCSC students fight for sweatshop free apparel

UCSC students participate in a national day of action aimed at increasing awareness about the use of sweatshop labor to produce collegiate apparel.

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