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Dahr Jamail: "Live from Baghdad"

Dahr Jamail will be speaking in Santa Cruz at the Veteran's Memorial Building on Saturday, April 9 at 7pm. Tickets available at the door on a $5-$10 sliding scale. Noone turned away for lack of funds. All proceeds will benefit Dahr Jamail's ongoing effort to continue providing independent reports from Iraq.

Weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq, Dahr Jamail went there to report on the war himself. One of the few unembedded reporters on the ground in Iraq, his dispatches were quickly recognized as an important media resource for a ground-level view of the war. Dahr spent a total of eight months in occupied Iraq.

Part of Dahr's April 9th presentation at the Vet's Hall, is a slideshow, including many graphic images, of what some commentators consider to be US war crimes. Dahr will also be screening a new film he's put together.

Audio: Dahr Jamial Event Audio PSA | Dahr Jamail on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM

See Also: Dahr Jamail: Untold Horrors of Fallujah

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Cesar Chavez Celebrations in the Monterey Bay Area

A March 31st Cesar Chavez celebration dinner benefit for the Davenport Resource Services Center, brought 150 mole contest tasters to Mission Church for an evening of good food, laughter, music, story telling and a film preview of “Latinos Finding their Place on the North Coast.�
Invitation to the Celebration: en español and in english

In the Watsonville city-center plaza, 63 Brown Beret members and friends celebrated the Chavez birthday holiday with a Youth Empowerment Rally featuring youth spokespersons, local politicians and representatives from support organizations.
Photos: The People Celebrate Chavez Birthday in Santa Cruz and Watsonville

On April 2nd, over 3,000 people staged a 3 mile march through downtown Salinas in Central California’s fertile Salinas Valley to protest government budget cuts that will permanently close the city’s three public libraries. Demonstrators chanted: ¡Libros Si! ¡Bombas No! (Book yes! Bombs no!) ¡Si, Se Puede! (Yes we can!), and ¡Viva Chavez! as they snaked their way through poor neighborhoods to the Cesar Chavez Public Library. The libraries are the city’s community centers, where farm worker’s children can study, use computers, and wait after school until their parents come home from the fields. Read more...
Photos: Cesar Chavez honored in Salinas, la lucha sigue...

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En Celebracion de Cesar Chavez / Cesar Chavez Day Celebration

Evento en celebración del Día de César Chávez
Musica en vivo, Pelicula, Comida, Plactica, y mas Jueves el 31 de Marzo a las 5:30 en Holy Cross Church Hall de Santa Cruz [170 High St – al lado de la Missión]

Ven para aprender más del salud de campesinos, de inmigración, y del trabajo del campo, en celebración de la legacia de Chavez. Salud para la Gente placticará sobre el salud de campesinos en el condado de Santa Cruz. Para más información...

Cesar Chavez Day Celebration in Santa Cruz
You're invited to attend this fantastic program in celebration of Cesar Chavez's birthday and legacy, with music, food, film screening, raffle, photo display, discussion, and presentations on farmworker health. The event will take place on Thursday, 31 March, 5:30pm, at the Holy Cross Church Hall [170 High Street - Next to the Mission]. Read more...

Cesar Chavez Day: Walk for Dignity
In Los Angeles, we’ll pay homage to the 40th anniversary of the historic Delano Grape Strike, lend solidarity to the UFW and all workers who organize for a better future and salute the people's hero, Cesar Chavez, by attending the 7th Annual Cesar Chavez Walk at East Los Angeles College on Saturday, April 2nd, at 8am. Read more...

[ Davenport Resource Service Center | Salud Para La Gente ]

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Union Struggle Continues at Sunshine Villa

On Tuesday, March 22, about thirty people gathered in the rain outside Sunshine Villa in Santa Cruz. The rally was in support of workers who are fighting management at the assisted living facility, for union recognition. Last July, most of Sunshine Villa's fifty workers voted for representation from SEIU Local 415. Read More

This radio story from November 2004, was produced for the Workers Independent News. Download Audio

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Gay Marriage Advocates in Santa Cruz Celebrate Judge Kramer's Ruling

On March 15, 2005, The GLBT Alliance, a Santa Cruz queer political organization, held a rally at the Town Clock to celebrate a decision in San Francisco Superior Court that same-sex marriage could be legal in California. Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer ruled that sections 300 and 308.5 of family law codes violate equal protection, that the marriage statutes discriminate on the basis of gender and sexual orientation, and that they violate the fundamental right to marry.

I attended the Santa Cruz rally and spoke with Thomas Leavitt, co-chair of The GLBT Alliance. (4:56 / 2.3 MB)

Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

Read more same-sex marriage news and commentary on Indybay's Queer page



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Global Capitalism: the Scourge of Democracy

global capitalism is an economic Colt 45 for the times

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Batan: Hiding the Dark Side of Mar Del Plata

Families of the Magdalena prison victims were held back by police.
A one line comment in Argentina Indymedia says Fernando Catz and Roger Sampedro have been sent to Batan: a place with a reputation as bad as any prison in Argentina. All the prisons are crowded, and the media, even the BBC has speculated the reason is a "crime wave" precipated by economic collapse.

This is false. The facts indicate otherwise.
It is for this reason former president Menen is hiding in Chile right now.
A CHILEAN judge yesterday threw out Argentine judges’ second request to extradite former president Carlos Menem for questioning about allegations that $60 million was embezzled from funds to be used to build two prisons.

The Scotsman: June 9, 2003


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Interview with a Santa Cruz County Bus Driver about the Strike

buses-return_11-5-05.jpgOn November 5th, I briefly spoke with a Santa Cruz County bus driver to hear his reactions to the end of the month long strike.

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Provocateurs Trigger Repression at Summit of Americas

"Here, in Mar Del Plata, FTAA will be buried."

Hugo Chavez

So far 2 independent journalists have been siezed as provovateurs seek shut down peaceful protest at the Summit of the Americas. This year the Summit is in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where the radical right wing Peronists regained power with the ascension of George Bush in the US. A brigade of 8000 police were assembled to "protect" the summit. What has ensued is a physical enactment of the ungoing war against the poor the US seeks to advance with the FTAA. Five of the 34 counties represented at the summit steadfastly oppose the treaty.

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WIN: Special Election Feature

California voters will soon decide the fate of a slew of ballot measures in the most expensive election in state history. Called for by Governor Schwarzenegger in mid-June, the measures had early support, but according to several recent opinion polls, opposition is growing, and many of them appear to be headed for defeat on November 8. WIN reporter Vinny Lombardo examines what's at stake in this election for unions in California. 4:58

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