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News :: Media Criticism

Networking: Capturing baby boomers' knowledge

Rogue capitalists try to suck the knowledge out of worker's minds.
CHICAGO, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- A third of the aging baby-boom generation employees of Bruce Power, Canada's private nuclear power producer, are poised to retire in the coming years, taking decades of insights into complex nuclear reactor systems and steam generators with them.

Like many other employers of sophisticated technical talent, the energy company is hoping to retain some of those insider perceptions through so-called knowledge networks, software and hardware solutions to capture, and keep, the vital information, experts tell United Press International's Networking. By Gene Koprowski

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News :: Media Criticism

Academics Take Sides in ICANN Tug of War

Bush tries to stifle academic freedom on the Internet.
News Analysis: Experts debate whether the United States should share stewardship of the Internet.The quest for political control over the Internet continues, as the U.N.'s World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia on Nov. 16 approaches.
This week, a group of academics suggested that there be a "denationalization" of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization responsible for running the Internet under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce.By Gene Koprowski

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News :: Media Criticism

VOIP Providers Ask FCC to Stay E911 Order

Phone monopolies endanger safety of consumers.
An alliance of Internet telephony providers Tuesday petitioned the Federal Communications Commission for an administrative delay of an order requiring that providers furnish 911 service for all Internet phone users by Nov. 28.

"We don't think it is technically possible to comply with the deadline," said Jason Talley, chief executive officer of Nuvio Corp., a VOIP (voice over IP) provider, based in Overland Park, Kan. "We're asking them to see if they agree that it is not practical to meet the deadline," he said. By Gene Koprowski

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Commentary :: Education & Youth : Gender & Sexuality : Health & Drugs

Strategy for Avoiding a High Maintenance Girlfriend

Having a high maintenance girlfriend is a pain in the ass. In the movie "When Harry Met Sally", the Billy Crystal character at least had a clue:

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News :: Media Criticism

The Web: Supreme Court tackles 'trolls'

CHICAGO, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- The U.S. Supreme Court's decision this week to review a lower-court decision involving eBay and an injunction for patent infringement revives the patent agenda pushed earlier this year by the software industry, a reform program that failed to make any headway through the Congress, legal experts tell United Press International's The Web.

The case, eBay vs. MercExchange, comes from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The court had held that, barring exceptional circumstances, a district court should issue a permanent injunction after finding that a patent was infringed. By Gene Koprowski

Capitalists turn on themselves trying to destroy patent rights.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections

Flag burning Amendment Congressman Pleads Guilty and Resigns!

Hey, remember back this summer when we had a flag burning party to take advantage of our 1st Amend. rights before Rep. Duke Cunningham had his way? It looks like he's singing another tune now, crying, apologizing and resigning from his Congressional seat. Yeah~! Makes me want to break out an Ol' Glory and light 'er up! ;-)

Bribed congressman resigns, pleads guilty to charges

By Jim Drinkard and Matt Kelley, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham tearfully resigned from Congress on Monday after pleading guilty to charges that he took at least $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors and others.

Rep. Cunningham wipes away tears while making a statement outside the federal courthouse in San Diego.
By Denis Poroy, AP
Cunningham, 63, admitted to U.S. District Judge Larry Burns in San Diego that he had steered contracts to companies whose executives lavished him with money and gifts. He pleaded guilty to felony charges of conspiracy and tax evasion. (Related: Charges | Plea agreement)

"It is a truly breathtaking scope of bribes," said Phillip Halpern, an assistant U.S. attorney who worked on the case. In a plea agreement, the California Republican said he accepted cash, expensive antique furniture, rugs, yacht club fees and a Rolls-Royce.

Speaking to reporters, Cunningham, a former Vietnam War fighter pilot, broke down as he confessed about abusing the trust of his colleagues, friends and family. "The truth is I broke the law, concealed my conduct and disgraced my office," he said in televised remarks, his voice shaking. "In my life I have had great joy and great sorrow. And now I know great shame." (Related video: Cunningham resigns)


Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas: Indicted in Texas on conspiracy and money laundering charges, accused of funneling corporate donations to GOP candidates for the Texas Legislature. DeLay, who has denied any wrongdoing, was forced to step down as House majority leader.
Rep. William Jefferson, D-La.: Under investigation by the Justice Department in connection with a telecommunications deal he was trying to arrange in Nigeria.
Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif.: Resigned his seat after pleading guilty Monday in U.S. District Court in San Diego to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail and wire fraud, and tax evasion.
Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Administration Committee: According to court papers filed in lobbyist Michael Scanlon's guilty plea to conspiracy to bribe public officials, Ney received trips, tickets and campaign donations, allegedly in exchange for official acts. Ney has not been charged and has denied any wrongdoing.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.: The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department are investigating Frist's sale of millions of dollars worth of stock in HCA, the Nashville-based hospital chain founded by his father and brother.

Congressional bribery cases are rare. The last was in 2002, when Ohio Rep. James Traficant was expelled after a bribery conviction. Before that, the last instance was in the FBI's 1980-81 "Abscam" bribery sting.

U.S. Attorney Carol Lam said Cunningham "did the worst thing an elected official can do — he enriched himself through his position."

The charges carry a maximum 10-year sentence, but Cunningham could get less because he is helping the government with its investigation, which continues. Sentencing is set for Feb. 27.

Monday's deal ended the case against Cunningham, an eight-term House member who as a member of the Appropriations and Intelligence committees could influence Pentagon contracts.

The $2.4 million in bribes Cunningham admitted taking includes:

• $525,000 to pay off a second mortgage on his house.

• A $200,000 down payment on an Arlington, Va., condominium.

• Use of a $140,000 boat its owner renamed the "Duke-Stir."

• $32,508 to buy and repair a Rolls-Royce.

• $4,631 for a weekend at the Greenbrier resort in W.Va..

• $2,081 for a graduation party for his daughter.

The plea agreement described a secret arrangement between Cunningham and four "co-conspirators" that used "multi-layered transactions" to funnel payments to the congressman in return for his influence over Pentagon purchasing.

The co-conspirators are not named in the charging documents. Public records show relationships between Cunningham and two contractors whom he helped get Pentagon work: MZM and ADCS. MZM's former president, Mitchell Wade, bought Cunningham's former house, allowing him to buy a more expensive house in Rancho Santa Fe. Brent Wilkes, founder of ADCS, raised $105,250 in personal, company and employee campaign contributions for Cunningham during the past decade. Neither Wade nor Wilkes has been charged with a crime. Their lawyers declined to comment.

The plea agreement also said a New York businessman bought a yacht from Cunningham at an inflated price and helped the congressman get a mortgage through a company controlled by a relative.

Wade stepped down as head of MZM and sold it after news of the house deal broke in June. With Cunningham's help, MZM got more than $160 million in government contracts, mostly from the Pentagon.

ADCS landed more than $90 million in government contracts since 1997, when Cunningham helped the company get one of its first Pentagon contracts. Wilkes also provided a corporate jet for Cunningham to use on fundraising trips, campaign-finance records show.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Police State

Latest Eyewitness Accounts of CIA Abduction

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Announcement :: Technology

Santa Cruz offers free e-waste disposal

SANTA CRUZ - The city of Santa Cruz is now accepting broken, unwanted and outdated computers, television sets and other electronic waste for disposal free of charge.

Santa Cruz offers free e-waste disposal

Bay City News Service,
posted on

SANTA CRUZ - The city of Santa Cruz is now accepting broken, unwanted and outdated computers, television sets and other electronic waste for disposal free of charge.

Customers can drop off as many as four computers or television sets per visit to the Resource Recovery Facility. Hard drives, monitors, cables, keyboards and other peripherals are also accepted.

City officials remind residents that Goodwill accepts working televisions under 25 inches, color monitors and newer computers for resale. Old cell phones can be dropped off at any city or county library.

The Resource Recovery Facility is located at 605 Dimeo Lane, three miles north of Santa Cruz on state Highway 1. It is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every day except Sunday.

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