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Announcement :: Environment & Food

Aussi ‘eco-trekker’ sets off on bioenergetic hunt

Today, county residents are invited to meet an "ecoenergy hunting" Australian television personality who plans to travel across 30 states in eight months on the prowl for Americans who can make vehicles run without using fossil fuels.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Banned from downtown

"Having no business downtown" means the people in question don’t live or work there or have other compelling reasons to be there, Lee said. "If you commit a crime on the mall, it is reasonable to think you should stay away from the mall."

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News :: Environment & Food

Nestle sued over bottled water claims

"Consumers purchase Poland Spring thinking they are getting a higher-quality natural spring water, but our suit will show that Poland Spring is neither natural nor spring water, and in fact comes from sources of a lesser quality than some tap water," Tom Sobol, an attorney who filed the complaint, said in a statement.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Activist remains jailed, bound for N.J.

"As a political activist who routinely engages in lawful and legitimate protests, Lindsay believes this is just an attempt to intimidate her and other activists," Hensey said Tuesday. "She’s facing 18 months in jail for simply asserting her right to remain silent and for freedom of association."

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News :: Alternative Media

Radio shock jock sues area activists

SANTA CRUZ — The Web site has been goading and lampooning conservative Bay Area radio host Michael Savage for the past year.

But the prickly relationship between the Web site’s founders and the broadcaster has taken an ugly turn. Thomas and Gunilla Leavitt, the Santa Cruz activists who operate the site, now face a $500,000 lawsuit alleging they and other anti- Savage Web operators made "false defamatory" statements about Savage, prompting a major sponsor to withdraw funding.

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Commentary :: Alternative Media

Monopoly or Democracy?

I am a major shareholder in the largest of those five corporations, yet -- speaking only for myself, and not for AOL Time Warner -- I oppose these rules. They will stifle debate, inhibit new ideas and shut out smaller businesses trying to compete. If these rules had been in place in 1970, it would have been virtually impossible for me to start Turner Broadcasting or, 10 years later, to launch CNN.

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News :: Environment & Food

Capitola considers using falcons to "restore" beach

This article in the senile refers to the large population of gulls who congregate at the Soquel River mouth as the culprit in the long history of poor water quality on this beach.

The article refers to "embarrassing" closures for this tourist town. There is no reference made to the dirty diapers, fast food wrappers, firework wrappers, and pieces of coolers that I see littering that beach every summer.

Passing mention is made that there may be more gulls there because of people leaving food, but it is not pursued. Then a falconer who hires himself out to "rid" various locales of "unnatural" congregations of gulls is cited as an ornithologist, even going so far as to insinuate that the gulls should NOT be at the river mouth at all but should be feeding exclusively in the surf, hopefully away from the humans.

Well, hopefully the true experts will come forward and put an end to this bogus science; gulls DO congregate naturally at river mouths. They have probably done so for far longer than the Capitola Chamber of Commerce has been meeting. Introducing some hot shot falconer with a completing UNnatural scenario will have repurcussions that require real research, not selfish, ignorant solutions that jeopardize the ecosystem relationships in our Sanctuary.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Local High School Students Protest Patriot Act

There was a notable protest at the library in Santa Cruz.

Group demonstrates at library
Sentinel staff writer

UC Santa Cruz seniors Lisa Banks, Carolyn Riggs, Adam Spittler and Michelle Lee were alarmed to hear that the federal government may have been tracking the students’ every move when they recently checked out library books on German terrorist Ulrike Meinhof for a school project.

Before a librarian alerted them, they didn’t know that the USA Patriot Act, passed in October 2001 "to deter and punish terrorist acts," allows the government to search public library records to monitor book checkouts and Internet use without a traditional grand jury subpoena.

"We got really angry when we found out," Riggs said. "It’s a form of censorship. The government is directing our path of education by reading over our shoulders."

The student formed a group opposing the Patriot Act "Bibliothek Liberation Front," and Saturday afternoon, they gathered at the main branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library on Church Street to voice their frustrations.

Santa Cruz Libraries Chief Anne Turner was on hand to make sure library patrons weren’t disturbed by Saturday’s gathering, but also to support the students’ cause.

"I think it’s wonderful they’re here," Turner said.

Turner has posted warnings at all of the library branches, notifying patrons that she cannot protect them from the government’s ability to access their records.

A film crew from PBS show "News Hour with Jim Lehrer" was at the library Saturday to film a handful of students thumbing through potentially "flagged" books for an upcoming episode that will focus on the Patriot Act.

The students, who emphasized they are pacifists, said they just wanted their voices to be heard.

"The legislation compromises our access to education — one of our civil liberties," Riggs said. "It’s oppressive."

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