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Free Radio Santa Cruz Benefit Film Screening on Aug 31

Free Radio Santa Cruz is Making Waves. On August 31, 7pm, at the RCNV there will be a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz. "Making Waves" is a new documentary by Michael Lahey about UNLICENSED MICROradio stations in Arizona and Michigan.

Making Waves reveals the pirates' personal and political passions that compel them to defy the FCC. As they confront the difficulties and risks of running an unlicensed station and take their fight for free speech into the open, the film invites the viewer to ask, 'If the public took back the airwaves, what would they sound like?'

Shorts of Free Radio Santa Cruz in the local news will also be shown.

Audio PSA: Download the mp3

[ Making Waves I Free Radio Santa Cruz I ]


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