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Audio from WAJE Press Conference

On January 17th, members of the Working Alliance for a Just Economy held a press conference to kick off the campaign to raise the minimum wage in the city of Santa Cruz. Campaigners will circulate petitions to city voters to place the initiative on the ballot to be voted on in November.

Speakers were introduced by MC David Sweet, board member of the Community Action Board, a non-profit organization working to abate poverty and its impact in the County of Santa Cruz.

Speakers included: Tim Fitzmaurice, John Briley, Emily Riley, Julian Posadas, Sharlene Cece, and Tony Madrigal. Tony repeats his comments in Spanish after his english comments.

Audio: Download the mp3 (14:42 minutes / 6.7 MB)

For more info or to get involved call Nora at 359 0952.


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O2 Dispatches From New Orleans

Oxygen Collective Arrives in New Orleans

12/8/05 - After a long trek across the country, covering 2600 miles in three days, the Oxygen Collective bus finally arrived in New Orleans on Wednesday. We made our way to the Common Ground Media Center, where we connected with our dear friend Kerul who has been hard at work here for over 2 months. From there, we took a short tour of the heavily damaged 9th Ward. It is hard to describe what we are witnessing. After more than 3 months since the storms hit, it is shocking to see the state of this neighborhood. Trash and debris are piled everywhere. There is no electricity on most streets. With residents discouraged from returning home by military blockades, curfews, and the perception that everything is destroyed, It feels a ghost town.

We made our way to our home for now, at the Common Ground Collective 9th Ward Community Center. This space is one of many operated by Common Ground across New Orleans. Less than 2 weeks ago, the Community Center was a flood damaged church center filled with black mold. Now it is an ever evolving Community Center housing and feeded the volunteers who have come to New Orleans to help out.

12/10/05 - I am in a surreal and deeply inspiring hell- New Orleans is a post apocalyptic wonderland where utter devastation is everywhere and all relationships of culture, race, society and politics are richly counter-intuitive, nuanced and have gone from backward before to upsidedown now. I am floored. No account of what is occurring here can be given without a brief review of the stunning reality on the ground. The scale and scope of the destruction is really not possible to grasp if you have not driven the streets here. There are over a hundred thousand cars that will never drive again that have yet to be moved- they are in all manner of disarray- on curbs, upside down, in front lawns and perhaps most eerily- parked right where they were left when their drivers suddenly fled more than 3 months ago. There are currently 1.3 million households from the Gulf Coast still residing elsewhere. Bodies are still found every day. Vast areas sit festering, powerlines strewn across streets, trees sliced right through houses, two story homes crushed to the height of their front door. Tens of thousands of homes are filled with rotting furniture, warped floors and swollen drywall.

12/12/05 - I just wrote yesterday but each day here feels like a week of life experience. Today we joined with the People's Hurricane Relief Network, Common Ground and a number of black power groups for a march on City Hall- or what's left of it anyway. We gathered first in Congo Square- a park with ancient live oaks who were already mature trees when slavery was in effect here and this was the only place in the city where slaves were allowed to gather freely and play their drums. Today, a rocking drum circle like none I've ever seen accompanied a vibrant consortium of black leaders as they gave stirring speeches to a crowd that reached thousands by the time we took the streets towards City Hall.

The march was in support of the Right to Return of the scattered residents of New Orleans, who are overwhelmingly poor and black and who are soon to be kicked out of the temporary housing FEMA has thus far provided. It is clear that were this California destroyed by an earthquake, or New York by another 9-11, there would be no protracted debate about whether or not to rebuild, it would just be done and it would be done quickly with massive federal aid. The cost of a day of war in Iraq would be enough to retrofit all New Orleans levees to withstand a category 5 storm. The people of this richly historic city are rightfully outraged and today they raised strong and eloquent voice to their demands for equality.

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Grassroots and Buccaneer Broadcasters
Especially because of its low cost, easy availability, and widespread accessibility to listeners, the pirate radio movement has been growing, and in effect, has been democratisizing and localizing radio for the masses.

Pirate radio, a term which “implies the unlicensed broadcasting use of any part of the radio spectrum that is reserved for use by governmental, public, or commercial licenses� (, was created “in the efforts to reinvent radio as a vehicle of participatory democracy and a resource for community development� and a means for which local populations could reconnect with the cultural and civic life of their communities (Howley, 2005). Especially because of its low cost, easy availability, and widespread accessibility to listeners, the pirate radio movement has been growing, and in effect, has been illegally democratisizing and localizing radio for the masses. Read more...

see also: Indymedia News vs. Neighbor's Account

Because of the explicitly democratic nature of Indymedia, my sociology professor wished to know the differences between Indymedia and a neighbor yelling about what he did that day from across the street. Since anyone has access to publishing on the Indymedia site, and everyone has their own concept of what is "newsworthy", one might think that these two modes of information profileration are very similiar. I intend to show how Indymedia is a equal or greater news souce than one's ranting neighbor. Read more...


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The People Confront Racist Minutemen in Sacramento

Activists, including the Watsonville Brown Berets, disrupt Minutemen rally on the steps of the Capital

On October 29, 2005, about one hundred Minutemen, a racist vigilante group, staged a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento in order to gain support for an initiative that would create a state police force specifically responsible for enforcing federal immigration law. More than one thousand organizers, immigrant rights groups, students and families staged a spirited and emotionally energized counter protest on the length of the sidewalk in front of the Capitol steps where the Vigilantes held their program. Protecting the vigilante group were various police agencies, including the CHP and Sacramento police, who stood between the dissenting factions.

Protesters carried signs demanding an end to terrorism on immigrants and that no human is illegal. Several politicians, including Peter Camejo, Green Party candidate, addressed the crowd of protesters and denounced the proposed measure and the Minutemen. The police, utilizing excessivly brutal force, arrested one demonstrator for standing on the street. Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly supported the Minutemen. Jim Gilchrist, a founder of the Minutemen and the Save Our State Initiative, is planning on a run for Congress in 2006. writes: there were actually 4 arrests (if not more). 2 were released, one is pending release (resisting arrest), and one santa cruz resident is still in jail on two felony counts.

Fernando Suarez del Solar escribe: Mi mas sincero reconocimiento a todos y cada uno de los hereos que se enfrentaron a esos ilegales llamados "Minutenmen", es un orgullo para nuestra raza que personas como ustedes hagan valer nuetro legado historico y nuestro derecho. En nombre de Guerrero Azteca por la Paz, les agradesco de corazon su esfuerzo tan significativo y valeroso, a los muchachos de mi ciudad hermana Watsonville, gracias, muchas gracias y reciban mi cariño. Paz y justicia hoy y siempre!!!

more coverage: The No Border Movement Goes to Sacramento || radioactive sandiego - reports from sacramento anti-minutemen protest || Anti-Racist Groups Hold Counter-Protest Opposing Minuteman Rally at Capitol || Press Release on Arrrests at Minuteman Rally Saturday

see also: || I Heart || The ORGANIC Collective || Anarchist Action

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Independent Journalist Dahr Jamail Visits UCSC

"On Wednesday, October 29th, independent and unembedded journalist Dahr Jamail provided fresh outlooks on the War in Iraq that are either ignored or hidden by most mainstream American media outlets. As a special correspondant for Flashpoints, the BBC, and Democracy Now!, Jamail has gained the attention of those willing to listen about true accounts experienced during the current War in Iraq."

"...After his report, a portion of a film was shown of the present state of the city of Fallujah; a city the size of Cincinati that was ransacked during the military's occupation of Iraq. "Caught in the Crossfire: The Untold Story of Fallujah" exhibited the deplorable condition in this once beautiful city. Images of a distraught cityscape and of tormented people flooded the screen during the roughly 15 minutes it was shown. After seeing the film clip, an exhilarated World War II vet exclaimed that everyone everywhere should watch that film to get true essence of the current Iraqi conflict."

See Also: Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

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See you there

I love SC Indymedia and will have to update my homepage now.

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Programa completo del FSA-Caracas 2006

º He aquí las actividades del FSA, evento que surgió en respuesta a evidentes servidumbres y limitaciones del FSM convocado en los mismos días y ciudad. Para detalles sobre las razones que motivan nuestro Foro, ver

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Audio from WAJE Press Conference

At noon today, 1/17/06 members of the Working Alliance for a Just Economy held a press conference to kick off the campaign to raise the minimum wage in the city of Santa Cruz. Campaigners will circulate petitions to city voters to place the initiative on the ballot to be voted on in November.

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Sixith Annual Bicycle Film Festival - Call for Entries

The Bicycle Film Festival is seeking submissions for its sixth annual Festival. The event will feature dozens of different films on a variety of bicycle styles - from BMX to urban bike culture, cycling to commuting.

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Justice for Chiquita and Banadex

Earlier today, someone on the other side of the Potomac
(visitors I.P., US Dept of Justice)
did a Yahoo! search for Banadex (a division of Chiquita Brands), and read my coverage of their corporate impunity enjoyed at expense of US taxpayers. One would expect the Department of Justice would already know about the the case history of Banadex: they've been fined as recently as 2 years ago for their crimes in Honduras. Journalists who have publicly challenged Chiquita in the past have been dogged by lawyers and stalked on the internet, especially the award winning "journalist in exile" Ignacio Gomez, who eventually found refuge in Cuba.

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