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Santa Cruz Indymedia has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, while still attempting to manage a wealth of information, and some customization options.

Publish! Publish! Publish! Indymedia has an open-publishing newswire! This means that you! can publish articles, audio, photo, and video directly to Santa Cruz Indymedia!

Santa Cruz Indymedia also has an open-publishing calendar that allows anyone to publish information on upcoming events, including meetings, vigils, film screenings, educational workshops/skill shares, social gathering, etc…

The left-hand column has a list of 'Today's Events' posted on the SC-IMC Calendar, an 'info library' and a frequently-updated list of the other Indymedia sites across the globe.

The center column is for feature articles of peak interest, and offer quality journalism and opinion from the Monterey Bay area.

The newswire, displayed in the right-hand column, is the backbone of Indymedia. Articles found on the newswire are uploaded by users all over the world, and instantly displayed on the site. For our part, we have divided articles into "Local Interest" and "Elsewhere," so as to highlight local events and discussion.

While offering an empowering capability to users traditionally ignored by the corporate media, the newswire also provides a forum for viewpoints that may be in direct conflict with Santa Cruz Indymedia volunteers.

It is the responsibility of the editorial volunteers (email to get involved!) to oversee the newswire with a careful eye to balancing the open publishing philosophy with a desire to maintain the "newsworthy" quality of Santa Cruz Indymedia. To this end, SC-IMC editorial volunteers will hide or delete articles in direct violation of SC-IMC's editorial policy. This includes advertising, duplicate posts, and pieces which fail to even resemble news or commentary.

Finally, remember that Santa Cruz Indymedia is here for you. We encourage you to upload your own stories, commentaries, and announcements that may be of use to the community. And you are further encouraged to participate actively in Santa Cruz Indymedia. SC-IMC meetings are open to people who are interested in supporting Santa Cruz Indymedia projects or starting new ones. Meetings are announced on SC-IMC's homepage and on the SC-IMC Calendar.

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