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Inaugurate the People - Reclaim Our Democracy!

Join us on Thursday, January 20th, at the County Courthouse, 701 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz for a good old fashioned rally, from 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM, and culminating with a mass swearing in of all those present as Collective President Pro-Tem of the USA.

then, at 5:45, we will march to the Collateral Damage Sculpture/Town Clock Park, corner of Water and River Streets, to mourn and honor the victims of war, call for an end to the Iraq Occupation, and lay flowers of remembrance in silence and reflection

at 6:30, we will proceed across Water Street, to the Sister Cities Circle next to the Post Office - together we will rekindle the torch of our giant Statue of Liberty Puppet, bringing her spirit and her purpose back to life!!

Update: George McGovern will speak at about 6:45pm

See Also: Mass Demonstrations in DC, LA, and San Francisco on Inauguration Day


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