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Santa Cruz C. C. Meeting on Hotel-Convention Center Project

SC City Council discussed the Hotel-Convention Center Project on Tuesday night, 25 January, at 809 Center St. People opposed to convention-hotel at the Dream Inn site, along with a 6-story parking garage, came to the city council meeting to keep the pressure on the council to not pass this deal with the developers and replace one eyesore for another on our coast.

After two public hearings last week, including one that went past midnight, the City Council is poised to make a decision on financing $30 million for this project tonight. Many residents have already voiced their disapproval of this plan which seems to be broadly flawed.

A particularly convincing argument against the project was that these types of ventures are not bringing in substantial dollars for the cities that invest in them and many are in the red, according to a recently published Broookings Institute study. Read more about the study at Bruce Bratton's website or on Brookings Institute online.


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