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Allies Needed at Scotts Valley School Board Meeting

Keep Loving, Keep Fighting! For the last two and a half years at Scotts Valley High School, teachers have been fighting intolerance targeted specifically at LGBTI & Questioning students, out teachers, and allies. Teachers have placed posters regarding respect for the LGBT community in their classrooms; there have been PA announcements sponsored by the student diversity group regarding LGBT community events; and in-class distribution of the SVHS student newspaper, which has run student-written editorials representing both sides of various LGBT issues.

A parent, Mr. D'Andrea, whose child attends SVHS, is working closely with the right-wing Pacific Justice Institute. He has now threatened to sue the district over its supposed promotion of a "gay agenda."

There is a special board meeting that has been called for Feb 7 at 6:00 pm at Scotts Valley High School's Student Union.

Anti-gay activists have vowed to show up in force. Your presence during this special meeting will show that there is support for a safe learning environment for all students.

[ Leer mas en espanol I Request from an openly gay teacher at SVHS ]

Resources: [ California Student Safety and Violence Prevention I Make It Real I California Safe Schools Coalition I Safe Schools Project of SCC ]



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