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Interviews with Cindy Corrie and Joe Carr About the Life and Death of Rachel Corrie and Palestinian Solidarity

Rachel Corrie, a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), was killed by a D-9 Caterpillar bulldozer driven by Israeli soldiers on March 16th, 2003 while non-violently attempting to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family's home in the refugee camp of Rafah, Occupied Gaza. There has never been an independent investigation into her killing.

On March 13, 2005, George Cadman, host of Peace Talks on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1fm interviewed Joe Carr, an eyewitness to Rachel Corrie's killing. Joe spoke about what he saw on the day that Rachel was run over by an Israeli bulldozer. He also talks about what kind of person Rachel was, what motivated her to do the work she had done and how he and others are continuing her work. He also answers criticisms of the International Solidarity Movement, the movement that both he and Rachel were a part of. (31:29 / 21.6 MB)
Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

After speaking with Joe Carr, George Cadman interviewed Cindy Corrie about her daughter Rachel Corrie. Cindy talks about what kind of person Rachel was, why she did the work that she did, how Rachel's killing has affected her family and how they are continuing her work. Cindy also reads a few short clips of Rachel's writings and talks about their efforts to get an independent investigation into Rachel's killing. (57:44 / 52.9 MB)
Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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