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Cesar Chavez Celebrations in the Monterey Bay Area

A March 31st Cesar Chavez celebration dinner benefit for the Davenport Resource Services Center, brought 150 mole contest tasters to Mission Church for an evening of good food, laughter, music, story telling and a film preview of ‚ÄúLatinos Finding their Place on the North Coast.‚Ä?
Invitation to the Celebration: en espa√Īol and in english

In the Watsonville city-center plaza, 63 Brown Beret members and friends celebrated the Chavez birthday holiday with a Youth Empowerment Rally featuring youth spokespersons, local politicians and representatives from support organizations.
Photos: The People Celebrate Chavez Birthday in Santa Cruz and Watsonville

On April 2nd, over 3,000 people staged a 3 mile march through downtown Salinas in Central California’s fertile Salinas Valley to protest government budget cuts that will permanently close the city’s three public libraries. Demonstrators chanted: ¡Libros Si! ¡Bombas No! (Book yes! Bombs no!) ¡Si, Se Puede! (Yes we can!), and ¡Viva Chavez! as they snaked their way through poor neighborhoods to the Cesar Chavez Public Library. The libraries are the city’s community centers, where farm worker’s children can study, use computers, and wait after school until their parents come home from the fields. Read more...
Photos: Cesar Chavez honored in Salinas, la lucha sigue...

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