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Indymedia and the Media Reform Movement: Reflections from the National Conference on Media Reform 2005

"Why is it media reform? it should be media revolution!" I stepped into the 2005 national conference for media reform with very few personal expectations. i am new to indymedia, just getting back into photojournalism and really need to study up on what's going on within the field... so i asked my fellow san diego indymistas what they might like for me to ask - and set out to see what i could find. happily - it did not take very long... [ read more at san diego imc... ]

This conference was about reformist politics, academic speech, and money. Reformers are generally people that recognize that a problem exists, and use their dollars and sense to rectify that problem. These people exist everywhere. In this incantation the people had recognized that the media may not be telling the truth all of the time and in some cases may also be working or the governement or the corporations that own them in an attempt to trick the people into thinking a certain way or beleiving a certain set of lies... [ read more at portland imc... ]

For me, the NCMR really threw into relief the gulf between the perspective of IMC and the media justice groups versus a media "reform" agenda. Below are some of the reasons I was deeply troubled by the vision of media change articulated by free press and most of the people I heard speak on panels. [ read more from nyc imc ]

I am here in St. Louis, MO attending the National Conference for Media Reform where many of the nation's most prominent left-leaning journalists and media scholars have gathered. Well, that is, many of the nation's white left-leaning journalists and media scholars. [ read more at dc imc... ]

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