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CodePink Women For Peace: Stop the Next War Now!

On May 22, Alli Starr and Medea Benjamin spoke at Bookshop Santa Cruz on behalf of CodePink Women For Peace and a new book called "Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism." Local Folk-Goddess Diane Patterson got the evening started by singing and playing guitar.

Audio: Download the mp3 (44:22 minutes / 15.2 MB)

A discussion time followed the presentation and Medea talked about her experience at the Halliburton Shareholders meeting which took place on May 18, 2005 in Houston, Texas. She also talked about her experience at the Iraq War Protest which took place in Fayetteville, North Carolina on March 19, 2005 and included Iraq veterans, military families and resisters. Medea says that one good thing going on these days is that the U$ Imperial Forces have been too busy to stop the momentum of Latin American social movements.

Alli talked about the Art in Action camp which takes place each summer in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Q and A: Download the mp3 (11:05 minutes / 3.8 MB)



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