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Hip Hop history timeline on Freak Radio! - June 7, 8 and 9

The show will kick off on the always epic "Red X Show," on Tuesday, June 7th 6-8 PM. This kick off will start off with hip hop roots in the early seventies spoken word music of Gil Scot Heron and the Last Poets, before bringing us through the early eighties. Finally culminating in the watershed year of 1988.

The Hip Hop Timeline will continue the following evening, Wednesday, June 8th, from 9-midnight, on the critically acclaimed "Self Defense 101" program. This show will take you through Hip Hop's golden age and deep into the nineties.

The final installment in this Timeline will come on Thursday, June 9th, from 11-1 AM, and will take you through some of today's cutting edge Hip Hop, while we will explore Hip Hop's future.

The Timeline is presented by Kid Haiti, DJ Danielsan and Rizzo, and is a Free Radio Santa Cruz exclusive. You can hear the show at 101.1 FM in the Santa Cruz area, or you can stream it here.

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